14 March 2007

BNP Election Campaign

Atleast there is a political voice in the United Kingdom who are not scared to confront the truth.

I Hope & Pray the best for them as they 'endevour' to speak up and out for the British people and their homeland.

This article taken directly from Green Arrow's site is exactly how it is. This is only a small part of the degredation happening to the United Kingdom because of immigration and home-grown terrorism.

The Midwich Cukoos

I am sure most of us remember the novel, The Midwich Cuckoos written by John Wyndham back in 1957. It was later made into the film Village of the Damned in 1960. In fairness to the film it remained pretty true to the book.

The novel is set in a typical small English village, where one day everyone in the village falls instantly unconscious. As a result of the events of that day, the village becomes host to a large number of alien children who are easily identified by their unique differences to the indigenous population of the village.

Well the "children" soon become a drain on the resources of the village and a danger to the community in general with several deaths resulting because of culture clashes between the invaders and the locals.

Well if you read this article Homeowners taxed £10 more for child asylum seekers you will see that Great Britain has a similar Cuckoo problem.

If you and your partner would have liked a child but felt that you were not able financially to support or perhaps educate one to a decent standard. Then don't feel too bad because you are helping with your taxes to pay for the thousand of unaccompanied children who arrive at Heathrow airport every year.

How "children" manage to pay for air flights and then travel halfway around the world with no adult or checks is beyond me. But the truth is, many of them are not children which is why the government are now going to start dental checks to determine the true age of these Cuckoos.

Of course once here, then it is gravy train time because when child asylum seekers reach 18, either they are given leave to remain in the country or to return home. But the council remains legally responsible for them until they are 21, or 24 if they are in full-time education.

Who pays for their flats, their mobile phones, their clothes, their food, their education? Why we do. The little birds feeding the cuckoos in our nest. The British National Party would enforce strict boarder controls to stop this happening.

It is your choice keep feeding the Cuckoos untill you drop or get wise and vote B.N.P.



Anonymous said...

I wish we had a BNP government now.

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Islam will return to Europe. The conquest need not necessarily be by the sword. Perhaps we will conquer these lands without armies. We want an army of preachers and teachers who will present Islam in all languages and in all dialects,’ he broadcast in 1999, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which translates his programmes. On another programme he declared, ‘Europe will see that it suffers from a materialist culture, and it will seek a way out, it will seek a lifeboat. It will seek no life-saver but the message of Islam.’

Far from being on the fringe, his immensely popular programmes are watched by millions across the Middle East and Europe. The BBC cooed that he has ‘star’ status among the world’s Muslims.

A popular topic for discussion on Arabic TV channels is the best strategy for conquering the West. It seems to be agreed that since the West has overwhelming economic, military and scientific power, it could take some time, and a full frontal assault could prove counterproductive. Muslim immigration and conversion are seen as the best path.

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BY TOM BENNETT10:30 - 13 March 2007
A 17-year-old woman was subjected to a terrifying sex attack in the street by two men who leapt out of a car.
While one man held the victim, another indecently assaulted her during the attack in Scraptoft Lane, Leicester.It is the third incident in six days in which women walking alone have been targeted by men in cars.It follows two attempted abductions in the city centre in which women were chased down the street or nearly forced into a car.In two of the three incidents, the victim has been able to describe a silver hatchback car, similar to a Vauxhall Corsa.Officers said they are aware of the "similarities between the attacks" but so far have not linked them.They have urged women to be on their guard and to not walk alone, especially at night.Pc Jason Edwards, of Hamilton police, said: "We don't want to scare women unnecessarily, but taking extra care could reduce your chances of being a victim of crime."We would urge women not to walk alone, particularly at night. If you have no other alternative, try to stick to busy, well-lit areas and carry a personal attack alarm."If possible, get someone to meet you or let a friend or family member know the route you are taking, and how long you expect to be out."In the latest attack, on Friday, the victim was walking towards Uppingham Road when she noticed a silver car driving slowly alongside her with four Asian men inside.As she began walking faster, she heard a car door open and close.She was then grabbed by a man, who held her while a second man indecently assaulted her. She managed to break free and ran off.The attack happened at 11pm between Peters Drive and Crofters Drive.The attackers were aged between 25 and 35. One had short, dark, spiky hair and wore a black T-shirt. The driver wore a light-coloured or white shirt.Four days earlier, a 19-year-old was walking along Millstone Lane at 12.30pm when she was approached by two men in a silver Vauxhall Corsa.The front seat passenger tried to persuade her to get into the car.When she refused, he chased her down Horsefair Street, but she managed to escape.The man who chased her was Asian, aged 23 to 25, about 5ft 7ins and of large build. The second man was of Eastern European appearance, slim and about 6ft.The previous day, another woman was attacked and almost bundled into a car by two men before escaping.The 18-year-old was approached by two men in a car as she walked along Short Street, near St Margaret's Bus Station, at about 6.45pm.The men tried to force her into the vehicle, but she broke free and ran to Mansfield Street, where a member of the public came to her rescue.The attacker was described as Asian, about 5ft 9in and of large build.A police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the similarities between the attacks, but we have not linked them yet. We are keeping an open mind."The first two attacks were attempted abductions. The third was an indecent assault, and there is nothing to suggest it was an attempted abduction."

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Our Plymouth correspondent reports that police have released a picture of a man they want to interview in connection with a vicious slashing attack on a teenage girl carried out in broad daylight. The 18-year-old was slashed across the face, neck and arm whilst she was waiting with a friend by telephone boxes outside the Unite student accommodation building at the junction of Royal Parade and Armada Way late Monday morning. Having slashed his victim the cowardly attacker ran off in the direction of the Sundial in the city centre.

Police say the man they now wish to interview is called “Ahmed" and are appealing for any information as to his whereabouts. Det Insp Jim Colwell, who is overseeing the investigation, said: "Because of the level of violence used we would urge the public not to challenge this man but contact the police using 999 if appropriate. I'd also take this opportunity to tell this man to come forward of his own volition rather than wait for the inevitable knock on the door."

The teenager was taken to nearby Derriford Hospital for stitches to be applied to a four-inch slash across her face, a four-inch cut to her neck behind her ear and a three-inch long wound to her left arm. A police spokesman is reported as saying that she will probably need plastic surgery at some stage. The girl, who has not been named, has been discharged from hospital into the care of her family.

Police are asking that anyone with information relating to the unprovoked and savage attack or who knows where "Ahmed" may be found should contact them on 08452 777 444 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting police reference number 639 of 14/3/7.

For reasons we are unable to fathom this despicable attack has not been reported on by the BBC, nor has the police, apparently, suggested that the assault could be possibly racially motivated - which is automatically assumed, of course, in many cases where the victim is non-native British.