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Movie Review

The Ex

Comedy, Romance
Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief language and a drug reference.
Running Time: 1:32
Released: 5/11/2007

    The cast and premise of this comedy are strong: Career-stalled New York cook Tom (Zach Braff) is faced with his lawyer wife, Sophia (Amanda Peet), becoming a stay-at-home mom, so he takes an advertising job with her dad (Charles Grodin) in Ohio - and soon runs into trouble from Chip (Jason Bateman), a paraplegic co-worker who used to date Sophia. Nobody is better at talking his way into problems than Braff, and the supporting cast (including Amy Adams, Donal Logue and Amy Poehler) can be counted on for laughs. But the script (by first-timers David Guion and Michael Handelman) is filled with half-formed ideas, and director Jesse Peretz (“First Love, Last Rites”) can't graft the slapstick onto Braff's brand of comic sputtering. It's like undercooked lasagna: lots of layers, but the flavors never blend.
    - Sean P. Means

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