End of the Top Cow City of Heroes Comic
Friday, May 25, 2007

We want to remind everyone that the coming Top Cow comic, issue #20 will be the final City of Heroes comic from Top Cow. If you are interested in receiving this issue, sign-up for the comic will be available through May 31st through the PlayNC Account Management web page.

The comic has had a great run. It has always served as an ambassador for the game; showing comic readers the potential that can be found in City of Heroes or City of Villains to set their imagination free! However, when we evaluate the production and distribution of the Comic, our current feeling is that the needed time and energy can be more wisely spent and net a more direct impact to the game. This includes things such as organizing more player meet and greets, additional in-game events, focusing on great in-game content like the recently released 9th free expansion, Issue 9: Breakthrough, more contests and promotions such as the Comic Book Creator Contest and more support of quality player initiatives like the PvPEC and City Scoop.

So, while the City of Heroes comic comes to a close, that in no way diminishes the energy we are devoting to maintaining and enriching the City of Heroes experience! We look forward to your support and involvement as we work to make our many community goals a reality!

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