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09 May 2006 (08:27:11PM PDT) -
We now have a GIT Web setup! You can check it out at!

24 Apr 2006 (11:53:51PM PDT) -
After a little bit of work I'm proud to be able to show off FireFox 1.5 running on FreeDarwin! You can check out a screenshot.
Updated: Even better how about a screenshot of FireFox and Thunderbird!

23 Apr 2006 (09:53:15PM PDT) -
Development is still happening... We're setting up a GIT repository to store the work on /usr/share/mk as well as some work on bootx to get it wokring on Pegasos. Hopefully during the usmmer I will have more time.

19 Mar 2006 (08:46:32PM PST) -
We are now also on IRC on #FreeDarwin as well!

19 Mar 2006 (08:33:28PM PST) -
We would like to give a warm thank you to Shaka Huang for supplying the FreeDarwin project with its first mirrors!

17 Mar 2006 (06:22:44PM PST) -
After doing a bit of poking around, I've decided that FreeDarwin's base system will probably be built with a somewhat modified version of NetBSD's and /usr/share/mk/*.mk.

17 Mar 2006 (04:53:27PM PST) -
Thanks to everyone who visited the site. We made over 3000 hits for our first release. The roadmap for Pre-Release 2 is now up! If you are interested in helping out with anything on the PR2 TODO list please do not hesitate to contact me.

16 Mar 2006 (05:30:35PM PST) -
We're now on IRC! in #FreeDarwin

16 Mar 2006 (03:16:47PM PST) -
I had to switch the ISO to a torrent because of the bandwidth usage. I'm still accepting people to mirror the ISO.

16 Mar 2006 (01:38:16PM PST) -
Would anyone be willing to mirror the ISO? Contact me, Alexander Botero-Lowry at alex at foxybanana dot com

16 Mar 2006 (12:52:51PM PST) -
I sadly do not speak Russian, but welcome those who do from!

16 Mar 2006 (12:36:28PM PST) -

16 Mar 2006 (5:32:51AM PST) -

16 Mar 2006 (2:44:49AM PST) -
FreeDarwin Website created and Pre-Release 1 made public.

The FreeDarwin Project was conceived as a solution to the lack of a suitable free BSD-like OS for the PowerPC Platform. In preperation to deply email kiosks on iMac DVs, it was determined that the three major BSD platforms had too many stability issues to be put into heavy traffic areas where a number of non-tech saavy users would be using them, and so FreeDarwin was born. FreeDarwin hopes to create a full BSD-like OS based on Apple's Darwin, but at this time FreeDarwin is mainly a repackaging of Apple Darwin.

FreeDarwin uses the NetBSD pkgsrc system for package managment. The NetBSD pkgsrc system offers a number of packages for consumption, built out of a simple build system. FreeDarwin hopes to provide bulk build packages of pkgsrc for Darwin in the future. At this time, many packages do not compile for a number of reasons. This is especially evident in X11 based packages because the main platform using Darwin does not use X11 for its graphical system. The FreeDarwin team hopes to see Darwin support in pkgsrc become much better and so requests that all users report bugs to the pkgsrc team when trying to compile packages on Darwin.

FreeDarwin Pre-Release 1 was implemented by removing many of the packages that the base Darwin ISO installs, and by modifying the base installer to allow the user to interact with pdisk, so as to create two partitions. The installer was also modified to format one parition with case-sensitivity and the other without. The filesystem that is case-insensitive is then blessed and booted off of. This was done to work around problems with booting Darwin on a case-sensitive filesystem (Some versions of OpenFirmware will not load off of a case-sensitive file system).

FreeDarwin is only for PPC at this time, but interest exists in also bringing the project to x86, and possibly other architectures. FreeDarwin is looking for donations of PPC hardware (at this time development is done entirely with loaned machines), and for people interested in working on a BSD like build system for the base system, or on kernel and kernel extension hacking

In consideration of the concerns with the freedom of the Darwin source code, the FreeDarwin project is interested in replacing any encumbered drivers and OS portions with un-encumbered, BSD Licensed versions. This is a major long term goal of the project.

For now, all development has been done by Alexander Botero-Lowry (alex at foxybanana dot com) Please contact me with any concerns, or interest in volunteering.

PreRelease 1 Release Notes

Known Issues

PreRelease 2 TODO/Roadmap

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