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Curriculum Vitae - The Chief of the General Staff

Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi

Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi was born in 1954 in Moshav Hagor.
1972 - Gabi Ashkenazi was recruited to the IDF Golani Brigade.
1973 - During the Yom Kippur War Ashkenazi participated in the battles along the southern front.
1976 - Participated in the "Entebbe" operation.
1978 - Serving as a Deputy Battalion Commander in the Golani Brigade, Ashkenazi was wounded while participating in the "Litani" operation.
1979-1980 - Took part in the "Barak" Command and Staff Course, which he completed with honors.
1980 - Appointed Commander of a Golani Battalion and in 1981 received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
1982 - During the War in Lebanon, Ashkenazi was appointed Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade. He commanded the forces which captured the Beaufort, Nabatiyah and Jebel Baruch. 
1983-1984 - Participated in the Command and Staff Course of the US Army Marines.
1984 - Appointed Operations Officer at the Headquarters of the Infantry and Paratroopers Corps.
1985 - Promoted to the rank of Colonel and became the Commander of a Regional Brigade in the IDF's Northern Command.
1987 - Appointed Commander of the Golani Brigade.
1988 - Appointed Operations Officer of the Northern Command.
1990 - Transferred to the Armored Corps, received the rank of Brigadier General and was appointed Commander of a Reserve Armored Division in the Northern Command.
1992 - Appointed Commander of the IDF Liaison Unit to Lebanon.
1994 ? Appointed Commander of the IDF Operations Unit within the General Staff.
1996 - Promoted to Major General and served as Assistant Head of the General Staff Branch, in the IDF's General Staff.
1998 - Appointed GOC Northern Command.
2002 - Appointed Deputy Chief of the General Staff.
2005 - Ashkenazi retired from the IDF.

On February 4th 2007, the Government of Israel decided to appoint Gabi Ashkenazi to be the 19th Chief of the General Staff.
On February 14th 2007, Gabi Ashkenazi received the rank of Lieutenant General and was appointed Chief of the General Staff.

Lieutenant General Ashkenazi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Haifa and is a graduate of the Harvard Business Management program for senior executives. He is married to Ronit and is the father of Gali and Itai