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'Jericho' Cast, Crew Willing To Stick Around

Producer says she was 'surprised' by fan outpouring

Source: E! Online

If CBS were to reverse its position and decide to bring "Jericho" back in some form or another, at least one actor from the show said he'd be back for more.

"We consistently held 8 or 9 million viewers, even going up against [Fox's 'American Idol'], so everyone was really surprised and shocked that we were canceled," said Brad Beyer, who played farm owner Stanley Richmond on the show, according to Kristien Veitch of E! Online. "You have to move on and let go, but you see all this fan support and you keep that tiny bit of hope in your heart."

CBS officials continue to maintain that the status of the show has not changed, despite the outpouring of support, which includes more than $26,000 and 19,000 pounds of nuts being sent to the show by fans demanding a return of the series.

Karim Zreik, who was a producer on "Jericho," told E! that he was stunned when CBS rejected a second season for the show, but the fan effort to revive "Jericho" had "completely surprised us."

"This outpouring of support means the world to the 'Jericho' cast and crew," Zreik said. "Knowing that 'Jericho' touches so many people has completely humbled us."

CBS and Paramount is weighing different options, Zreik said, and there's a chance that more information might come out after the Memorial Day holiday.

It's not just the fans that are pulling for the show despite the cancellation announcement, however. It's producers like Zreik and even former showrunner Carol Barbee who are making their case to network officials.

"People are auditioning and the writers are trying to find work," Beyer said. "I think our great producers have been really hanging with the show. They're really still fighting for us."

For more of what Vreitch has to say, check out her E! posting by clicking here.

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