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Delorentos - In Love With Detail

Label: Cottage

Year: 2007

Duration: 41 minutes

Rating 3

Building up a solid fan base through seemingly non-stop gigging and receiving favourable noises from critical circles, Delorentos time has finally come. The Dublin four-piece released their four-track EP in 2005 and single 'Leave it On' went straight to the top of the Irish singles chart, suggesting that this crew had considerably more to offer than your average bunch of lads with messy hair and noisy guitars.

Their debut, 'In Love With Detail', released this week, further confirms this. Citing their musical reference points as The Pixies, The Cure and The Clash, their driving guitar sound is laced with hooks and harmonies, confirming the band's knack for nailing a catchy number.

'Eustace Street', recalling a troubled love affair set in Dublin's Temple Bar, is reminiscent of Editors with its insistent drums and edgy vocals. 'Stop' wears its post-Punk influences on its sleeve, like Bloc Party, while recent single 'Basis of Everything' has a snappy little riff that lingers in the brain well after its brief duration.

The devil's in the detail all right and the Portrane boys' close attention has paid off.

Anne-Louise Foley

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Tracklisting: Stop - Do You Realise - Eustace Street - Basis Of Everything - Hands Off The Boy - Eyes Open

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Hooks and harmonies
Hooks and harmonies
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