Bill Conti
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Released: 1977
Record Label: EMI America
Track: Title: Composer: Time:
1 Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) Little, DeEtta  / Pigford, Nelson  2:48
2 Philadelphia Morning Valentine   2:22
3 Going the Distance Valentine   2:40
4 Reflections Valentine   3:19
5 Marines' Hymm/Yankee Doodle Valentine   1:45
6 Take You Back (Street Corner Song) [Rocky] Valentine   1:49
7 First Date Little, DeEtta  / Pig ford  1:54
8 You Take My Heart Away Little, DeEtta  / Pig ford  4:46
9 Fanfare for Rocky 2:34
10 Butkus 2:12
11 Alone in the Ring 1:09
12 The Final Bell 1:56
13 Rocky's Reward 2:03
Album Review
Composer Bill Conti's iconic score for Sylvester Stallone's tale of over-the-hill Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa ranks as one of the most memorable and instantly recognizable pieces of film music ever applied to celluloid. The first Rocky is still the best, with classic cues like "Going the Distance," "Fanfare for Rocky," the "Final Bell" and "Gonna Fly Now" -- the latter was actually a hit single -- eschewing the myriad of questionable AOR songs that would end up cluttering future installments. [In 2006, Capitol released the 30th Anniversary Edition of Rocky which featured the original play list remastered in 24-bit digital, with photos and liner notes from Stallone himself.] ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide
Year Type Label Catalog #:
1988 CS EMI America E4-46081
1988 CD EMI America E2-46081
CD Capitol 46081
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