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Recycling and Trade-in Program
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Help the Environment, Help Your Community, Help Your Wallet

In the more than 20 years since Toshiba introduced the notebook computer to the world, many more advancements have been made. Today, millions of people rely upon notebook PCs to work, learn and play.

Just as technology continues to advance, so does our collective understanding of the need to protect the environment from hazardous waste. At Toshiba, we are determined to proactively contribute to the establishment of a recycling-based society. For this reason, Toshiba offers free recycling of all Toshiba notebooks as well as low-cost recycling options for other manufacturer laptops and consumer electronics products. Through its trade-in program, Toshiba also provides customers the opportunity to extend the life of their laptop or other consumer electronic product by trading it in for its cash value.

Toshiba Trade-In & Recycling Program

The Toshiba trade-in and recycling program allows you to trade-in the old technology products you have for the new cutting-edge Toshiba computer technology you want!

Regardless of the brand, trade-in used consumer electronic products that still have a monetary value for a refund by mail.

If the product is no longer functioning or has no trade-in value, it can be responsibly recycled for the cost of shipping. Recycling of all Toshiba notebooks is free! Whether your pocket book gets a little thicker or landfills get a little leaner, with the Toshiba Trade-in and Recycling Program, everyone wins.

Click here for an instant estimate of the value of your used equipment or to learn about recycling options.

Recycling Laptop Batteries

In addition to offering resources to support responsible recycling of consumer electronics products, Toshiba maintains its commitment to preserving the environment by sponsoring Call2Recycle, a program of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. For more information and for drop-off locations, visit or call 800-8-BATTERY.

Attention Maine Households: Beginning July 20, 2006, all waste laptop computers generated by households in Maine must be recycled (unless shipped out of state for disposal). Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle your laptop computers in your area. For more information about Maine’s electronic waste law, please visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website.

Social Responsibility

Desire and a commitment to improve the lives of our customers fuel the Toshiba drive to lead innovation. This commitment most obviously manifests in the constant research and development of award winning notebook PCs. It is also apparent in the many community relations, education, philanthropic and environmental programs and policies which have grown out of that company’s corporate social responsibility initiative. To learn more, click here.