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WALC is a thematic program integrating environment education with science, history, literature, art and technology committed to academic excellence, environmental awareness and activism.


Goals and Objectives for Each Student:

1. Increase student achievement by providing an integrated, project based, culturally and environmentally relevant educational program.

2. Use outdoor experiences as a springboard for students to examine their communitiesÕ own environmental issues.

3. Help students educate members of their school and neighborhood communities as a means of promoting community action. Students will connect with the environment in meaningful and personal ways, which will then be articulated through academic projects, writing, artwork, educational publications and presentations.

Projects/Student Work:

Coming Soon . . . Projects, Photos and much more!

Course Titles Offered:

Eleventh Grade
Twelfth Grade
U. S. History
Environmental Science
American Literature
American Democracy/Economics
Environmental Science
English/European/World Lit.


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