Thunderbird refuses to start

rm ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/*/lock
rm ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/*/.parentlock

Nice. Easy to use. NOT.

Thunderbird! Let go of your HTML fetish!

Under account settings, composition and addressing, uncheck "Compose messages in HTML format"

There's also some stuff under "Edit, Preferences, Composition, Send and HTML options". Buggered if I know what it's meant to do, but it doesn't seem to work.

Don't not munge inline text emails (e.g. patches)

(link to original LKML discussion)

DISCLAIMER: I gave up doing this. It's too ugly. I just attach stuff, and it seems to encode fine as text, and everybody is happy.

OK, so Thunderbird is written by aged whore monkeys stoned on crack. It loves to eat your email formatting for breakfast, likes 3D-gourad shaded fonts with M&M's on, and won't leave your frigging text alone.

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