333 North Michigan Building

Click for Larger View     Address: 333 N. Michigan Ave.
Year Built: 1928
Architect: Holabird & Roche/Holabird & Root
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark:
February 7, 1997

Sculpture at Third Story One of the city's most outstanding Art Deco-style skyscrapers, it is one of four buildings surrounding the Michigan Avenue Bridge that define one of the city's--and nation's--finest urban spaces. The building's base is sheathed in polished granite, in shades of black and purple. Its upper stories, which are set back in dramatic fashion to correspond to the city's 1923 zoning ordinance, are clad in buff-colored limestone and dark terra cotta. The building's prominence is further heightened by its unique site. Due to the jog of Michigan Avenue at the bridge, the building is visible the length of North Michigan Avenue, appearing to be located in the center of the street.

Ground Floor in the 1930s

Holabird &

Art Deco
Boul Mich
1.Exterior circa 1930
2.Sculpture at third story, photo by Stephen Beal
3.Ground Floor in the 1930s