VOYAGE: Inspired by Jules Verne

Publisher: The Adventure Company

Developer: Kheops Studio


Category: Adventure

Release Dates

N Amer - 08/16/2005

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VOYAGE Inspired by Jules Verne Ships for the PC
The Adventure Company Begins Shipping Their Newest Epic Graphic Adventure

The Adventure Company to Publish Journey to the Center of the Moon
Epic graphical adventure based on a renowned Jules Verne Novel


In this not so distant past, the far side of the moon conjured up the most fascinating theories. Even some of the world’s greatest scientific minds believed that our natural satellite had an atmosphere that could, and did, support various life forms. Based on the premise of Verne's novel, VOYAGE: Inspired by Jules Verne follows as a group of scientists create a space capsule with the intent of landing on the moon’s surface. Where as in the novel, their mission fails, leaving them floating high above the lunar surface, in this fascinating adventure, they succeed!

As scientist Michel Ardan, players are able to wander the surface of the moon in an unstable but breathable atmosphere and witness the explosion of plant life at dawn. Players will explore fantastic locations including the space capsule, the lunar surface, an ancient temple, and other mysterious ruins. They will also encounter a subterranean civilization inside the moon, as well as the Selenite City, the home of an ancient but highly intelligent race, the Selenites.


  • Explore various fantastic locations including: the space capsule, lunar surface, the ancient temple, mysterious ruins, the subterranean civilization inside the moon, and the Selenite City
  • Journey through a beautifully created world and solve an array of ingenious puzzles
  • Discover the built-in Intelligence Management system – each relevant action and each puzzle solved increases your score; the higher your score, the greater respect shown to you by the Selenite people
  • Interact with a cast of characters from the mysterious Selenite race
  • Hardware Requirements

    WINDOWS® 98/ME/2000/XP Pentium® III 800 MHz 64 MB RAM 64 MB DirectX® 9 Compatible Video Card DirectX® 9 Compatible Soundcard 16x CD-ROM Drive Keyboard, mouse, speakers


    This title was previously announced as Journey to the Center of the Moon.

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    GZ Rating


    Reviewer: Aceinet

    Review Date: 08/30/2005

    Adventure gamers and fans of Jules Verne will be in for a treat with Voyage

    Full VOYAGE: Inspired by Jules Verne Review

    GZ Preview:

    Rob Watkins - 05/22/2005

    A slight twist on Jules Verne’s tale From the Earth to the Moon

    Full VOYAGE: Inspired by Jules Verne Preview

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