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Welcome to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “E” Division Aboriginal Policing Services website.

British Columbia is home to over 200 aboriginal governments and bands. Though many share similar cultural, language and historical heritages, each community is unique – with its own diverse policing needs. “E” Division Aboriginal Policing Services (APS) is dedicated to working with aboriginal communities throughout British Columbia to deliver policing services to meet their needs.

EagleMany of these services are delivered by members who are part of the approximately 72 First Nations or Aboriginal Policing Positions posted at one of 48 community-based detachments, satellite offices or RCMP headquarters. These positions provide dedicated policing services to various aboriginal communities throughout the province. Through these offices, a number of community-based initiatives, partnerships and crime prevention programs are coordinated. The detachment profiles on this website showcase the community initiatives being undertaken at RCMP detachments throughout the province, and in partnerships with the communities they serve. These profiles are designed to facilitate information sharing between “E” Division RCMP detachments, the community and others interested in learning more about community policing.

Each detachment service area is unique – and so are community policing initiatives underway in each community. The profiles provide but a snapshot of the total services provided by the RCMP in communities across British Columbia.

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