FHM Interview

© FHM, October 2002

By Jake Bronstein

So you must be pretty familiar with the shirt... without looking, do you know what it says on it?
Yeah, it says, “Boy Scouts of America”, and it has a little bow on the front.
Very good! Do you think it’s fair to say that 24 portrays the most ridiculous, daftest, impossible day ever?
I don’t know. It’s a bit far-fetched, but it’s possible.

No it’s not.
But it’s such genius though!

It is, so what’s been the most exciting day in your life? Talk us through it in real time...
The best day? Okay, I woke up in the morning, put on the same outfit that I did every fricking day for the past ten months of my life and went to work with Kiefer Sutherland, on a show called 24. Then I got into my car to go home, but first I made a phone call to my buddy Pete while I drove. I said, “Pete, I think we should go for dinner because I’m starving.” He agreed.What does a hot guy smell like?
I don’t know, I’m being sarcastic. But the story is real. Can I continue?

Uh... sorry...
We walk in and Brad Pitt is having some sort of meal. Pete and I were freaking out. And then, uhh, that was it. I saw Brad Pitt for the first time. Kiefer loves it when I tell that story. On the set, it’s an ongoing joke, everyone’s like, “Elisha, tell your Brad Pitt story!”

We thought you’d mention one of the incredible things you got to do as host of the US TV show Popular Mechanics For Kids, like the time you steered an aircraft carrier or something.
Get out! That’s crazy, that was such a long ass time ago, even I forgot. I started the show when I was really little, like 15 years old. We did vandalise a seal. I mean, we ate it.

Hang on - you ate a seal?
Because we were in the North Pole, and that’s the ritual. We took a seal and hacked it up and ate it.Who did the cooking?
It was raw. I didn’t club it or anything, they brought it on the set dead already. But we did cut it open.

Lovely. Weren’t you invited to the White House because of that show?
Oh yeah. That’s a good story. I met the first lady, which, at the time was Hillary Clinton. We waited in the Mapping Room, and she came in and totally tripped me out. It was really cool. She was a lot taller than I thought she’d be - and here I am, this little Canadian, getting to meet the first lady. It was really strange.

What did you talk about?
The oddest things. First of all, it was a total blur. It went by so quickly, because she only has 15 minutes with everyone she speaks to during the day, unless it’s a major deal. But she talked to me about salmonella. She wanted to incorporate that into the show, so that people in America would stop getting sick from not cooking meat properly.Salmonella? You must have been absolutely thrilled...
I was 16 years old, sitting in the Mapping Room with Hillary Clinton and she’s talking to me about food poisoning and beef. In my head I was thinking, “Beef? What?” Then we met the cat, Socks. That was fun too. I don’t like cats though, but I didn’t say that.

Nobody does. Even cat people don’t like cats, do they?
That’s funny. You know, you don’t ask the normal questions. Everyone else just asks what it’s like to work with Kiefer Sutherland.

Okay then, what’s it like to work with Kiefer Sutherland?
I hate that freaking question! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up. But he’s the coolest guy, ever. He plays the guitar, and he used to be a cowboy, and he has cool cars, and always shows up on time. But, it’s like, what do you mean, what’s it like to work with Keifer Sutherland? Why isn’t it, “What’s it like to work with Elisha Cuthbert?” That’s what people should be asking him!


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