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Most Haunted

A paranormal show where no two investigations prove the same, and where everyone feels that they are there - sharing each dark and dangerous corridor, opening every imposing door, and wondering just what "Most Haunted" will capture tonight.


Most Haunted Live

A truly interactive experience for viewers, Most Haunted LIVE gives the audience the opportunity to become involved in paranormal investigations from the comfort of their own home. In addition to the televised exploration, millions of viewers at home are also able to interact LIVE via text, fax, e-mail, and by accessing our special website. Investigations are conducted over three nights from all over England, Europe and soon, America.


Yvette's Ghost Hunting With...

Yvette Fielding, in her black Ghost Hunting taxi visits terrifying locations in the UK, and beyond, with a host of big name celebrities. Yvette introduces these famous faces to the world of the supernatural, carries out a variety of paranormal investigations and shocking experiments aimed at bringing the living into contact with the dead. Then the celebrities get to investigate these terrifying locations ALONE, with only a night vision camera for company…


The Ride

The Ride is an eight minute programme featuring comedian Rob Deering interviewing famous faces on a rollercoaster, including Lucy Porter and Martin Offiah.


Pop Talk

Pop Talk is an eight minute programme in which stars are interviewed by way of pre-recorded questions from members of the public, including Shakira and Craig David.


Celebrity Daredevils

Celebrity Daredevils is an eight minute programme in which celebrities take on daring challenges, for example, wing walking with Kerry Katona.


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