"Tupper Saussy has given us all a lesson in what real history writing is all about—and such lessons are hard to come by. Saussy firmly establishes, once and for all, how deep the plannings of societal takeovers can go. In my 20 years as a reporter, I have read many books that provided useful information, but I have read only a few that showed me how to sift great amounts of information to arrive at a platform from which I could continue to understand isolated facts. RULERS OF EVIL is one of the few. Let me put it this way:

"Reading RULERS OF EVIL is four years of post-graduate work at a university that should, but does not exist."

- Jon Rappoport http://www.nomorefakenew.com


"Essential knowledge for which we have been waiting these last six thousand years." —Eustace Mullins

Chapter Downloads

1: Subliminal Rome

2: Missionary Adaptation

3: Marginalizing the Bible

4: Medici Learning

5: Appointment at Cyprus

6: The Epitome of Christian Values

7: The Fingerstroke of God

8: Moving In

9: Securing Confidence

10: Definitions

11: The Thirteen Articles
Concerning Military Art

12: Lorenzo Ricci’s War

13: The Secret Bridge

14: The Dogma of Independence


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"...I am a sociologist and have been a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage & family therapist in private practice for 25+ years with other business involvements. I have been studying secret power, elite deviance and deviant behavior in general since 1966...Thank you for making the greatest contribution to shadow government /secret power research that I am aware of. Rulers of Evil is absolutely fantastic as a piece of hard core, valid political science research, not to mention its value for those who are searching for spiritual truth...." - J. Viken, PhD


"Tupper Saussy has exhaustively researched the founding of the United States and identified the real power brokers responsible for establishing this country. The historical and religious evidence is overwhelming and should convince anyone who dismisses the sinister influence of the Jesuits and the extent to which our Founding Fathers deliberately implemented a Babylonian /Roman/ Masonic spiritual framework for American governance.

"Saussy's most remarkable assertion is that all of this is Biblical - God has ordained the "Rulers of Evil" as the rightful agency of political dominion through a line beginning as far back as Cain. His insight is uncanny as he weaves every possible thread together to elucidate the true nature of political power and demonstrate how God ultimately uses both of the two ministries that have emerged from His divine plan to bring people to salvation." —David Beck, www.yourownjesus.net

"This book is different from other 'conspiracy' books, in that it does not involve a conspiracy (conspiracy being defined as a secret plot to do harm). Nor does this book contain anti-Catholic statements, as the Amazon.com Editorial Review would suggest.

"It is important that you think for yourself on the matter. The premise of this book is that the God of the bible ordained Cain (one of the sons of Adam & Eve) to rule over other evildoers, by setting a mark upon him, which made him 7 times more powerful than those who would seek to do him harm. Cain established a city, Enoch, which was actually discovered in the 19th century.

"The author argues that since the time of Cain, Cain's spiritual descendents have continued to rule under the authority of this mark, to this present day..." —Robert Garner, England


"RULERS OF EVIL has been many years in the conceiving, but it is well worth the wait.

"It is difficult to write of this book without seeming overly effusive, or perhaps sycophantic, but it is equally difficult to restrain the enthusiasm which this work engenders in the reader. Saussy gives us the essential knowledge for which we have been waiting these last six thousand years."

—Eustace Mullins,
author of The World Order, Secrets of the Federal Reserve


"One of the most important works of our time!

"Mr. Saussy has, in one place, pulled all the seemingly unconnected threads of modern history together with shocking results. Whether you are a Christian or Jew, Catholic or Protestant, or just a closet conspiracy theorist, RULERS OF EVIL won't let you go and may challenge the safe understandings that your very world is built upon.

"[It] is well-researched and has an excellent bibliography that should expand the base of 'truth seekers' everywhere. For some, it will be their first introduction to the 'Black Pope' and the ways of the Jesuit order. For me, ROE provided a new light on fragments of truth that I had collected over the years from a wide range of sources. From the pulpit to the pits of hell, and every political point of view between, RULERS OF EVIL will shock your sense of history as no other contemporary book can. Read it to understand why life is as it is today!"

—Robert Phillips, USA


"F. Tupper Saussy, in this timely, soon to be classic historical account of the work of men behind the scenes that control the world, is an excellent source for all seeking the who, what, when and why of world events.

"If you are faint hearted, stay away from this timely exposé. If you are seeking the truth, buy a copy for your home library and get your older children to read it as a history book. "

—Mark Reynolds, USA


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