H-Craft Championship

Hovercraft Racer

H-Craft Championship looks surprisingly good for an indie racing game--after all, major publishers spend millions polishing the graphics for games of this type, and its impressive that a small team was able to produce something that looks so nice.

It's science fictional, in that the racing vehicles are hovercraft that apparently tool along great superhighways in the sky. Also apparently, in the future, road safety is not a major concern of the authorities--perhaps the world is overpopulated and they want people to plummet to their deaths--so that failure in steering doesn't mean, as in other games, that you go off road and lose speed, but instead lose the game.

The main game mode is the championship--a series of events in which victory unlocks more tracks and vehicles. It's a single-player game--no network play--but you can record a 'ghost' of your race and send the file to a friend, so that he can race against your best time, on the same track. Similarly, in 'Rival' mode, up to four players can race on the same track, in succession, against the ghosts of previous contestants, so there is a form of hotseat multiplayer, in any event.

If you enjoy racing games, it's well worth a look.

The developer says:

H-Craft Championship is a fun to play scifi-racer. It features 28+ racetracks,
a unique driving physics simulation, a fresh design, and a challenging
Championship mode.

The 2 Timeattack modes offer the option to exchange ghostdrivers
with your friends for competition.

On "Rivals" up to 4 players can have an exciting tournament on a single PC.

Available for Windows and Linux


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