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Ídolos de Juventud
Monday-Friday, Primetime ET


Ramón Armendariz is Mexico’s most popular music producer. He’s launched the careers of Mexico’s greatest voices, among them his wife Gloria. Their marriage is not a happy one, largely due to their egos, which leave no place for love.

After discovering that Gloria is no longer the star she used to be, Ramón must now create a new star.

He decides to produce a reality show to find the hottest new voice of Mexican music. After thousands audition, Ramón lets the world know he has chosen not one but two winners! Valentín, a poor but driven young man who has never needed an excuse to sing; and Victoria, a beautiful young woman with an equally beautiful voice. Valentín and Victoria share a magical moment when they first sing together on stage. Their voices blend perfectly together while destiny unites them in love.

Their lives take a turn for the worse when Gloria demands the attention of Valentín and leads him to a life that spins out of control. Will love survive fame this time?

Watch Ídolos de Juventud, a story where music speaks in the name of love only on Telemundo!

Aurelio Valcárcel

Aurelio Valcarcel

Karla Díaz-Leal
Marcela Garcia
Patricia Sirvent
Eduardo Cuervo
Jencarlos Canela