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Coming Soon - The Whitney Wolverine !

Samson Manufacturing will be making the Whitney Wolverine hand gun. The Whitney Wolverine will be manufactured from original molds and dies.  As soon as we finish with all the official permits with BATF, we will start production.  In addition, we have a huge inventory of original parts from the 50's.  This is from the original manufacturer with consecutive serial numbers starting form the last production model.  Pistol frames are not available at this time, but will be soon.  Please check back often.


History of the Whitney Wolverine

Manufactured in 1956 and discontinued in 1957. The Whitney Wolverine is a semi-auto with a 10 cartridge magazine and a 4.75" barrel. It was created partially as a result of new aluminum alloys developed in World War II. The person who developed it, Robert Hillberg eventually went on to work for High Standard, and the company was sold to avoid bankruptcy.

Original Whitney Wolverine Ads from 1956

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