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Gantz 250
posted by hyko - 3:40am

Gantz 250 scans are out thanks to Yoniekai.
Even though they are pretty LQ, its decent enough to read and see the new chapter.
So enjoy for now, and I'll try and get a better qulaity version up later if one comes out.

Tenjo Tenge 105 and Rave 185
posted by hyko - 9:39pm

Well MangaTranslation just released the latest scans for Tenjo Tenge (105). Many thanks!
And also thanks to DragonGuard for continuing on with scanning Rave with 185.

Tsubasa 154 and Black God 24
posted by hyko - yesterday

The new Tsubasa is up. Many thanks to Bludshock for the uber fast scanlations again.

also Null released the new chapter for Black God. It's been a while but here it is

Inuyasha 507 and 666 Satan 69
posted by hyko - yesterday

New Inuyasha is up. 507 by Freelance scans. Thanks!

And finally someone did the 666 Satan 69 scans! Many thanks to LSL (Lyfe). Good job on a first scan.

Beck 84
posted by hyko - 3 days ago

Its up... thanks Phase3 for the scans!

fill time ^^
posted by hyko - 4 days ago

back to doing fills... this time in reverse alphabetical order:

xxxHolic 109-123 (fill completed, ignore the strange numbering >_<)
Vampire Knight 15-25 (fill completed)
Tsubasa RC 83-108
Tenjo Tenge 64-81
Suzuka 107-128 (fill completed)
Rave 74-79
Pastel 23-49
Ouran High School Host Club 13-27
Inuyasha 369-398

[more to come]

Small Site Changes
posted by hyko - 5 days ago

We made a few small changes to the site. Hopefully these new changes/features will be useful for some of you guys.

Some changes you may notice and some you might not right away. I had the full list pf changes posted here earlier but I found it was so long it took up too much of the posting space and was hard to read here. So instead I posted the full changes on the forums page under "OneManga" -> "Announcements". You can go read it there for the full list of changes.

Forum link:

Let us know what you think about the changes

D.Gray-Man 119 and Blue Dragon 23
posted by hyko - 5 days ago

[EDIT: BD 23 scans are up! Thanks Sulimo]

The scans for DGM 119 is up. Brought to you by Bludshock
And the RAWs for Blue Dragon are up. When the scans are out I'll replace.

Also I'll be starting my next round of fills soon.

forums link repost
posted by hyko - 5 days ago

here is the link for the forums:

Hayate 57, Goong and Nodame vol 9
posted by hyko - 5 days ago

Just a couple of quick updates.
Some new scans showed up.

Hayate the Combat Butler 57 by Musashi
Goong 88 by VK and also filled a few chapters by putting up vol 9, the rest will be up very soon.
Nodame Cantabile vol 9 by BYAAAH

oh and also Dragonball ch6 was put up too ^^