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Spriggan - Lunar Verse


Genre: Action
Maker: From Software
Stock #: SLPS-02117
Price before tax: 5,800¥
Price after tax: 6,090¥
Release date: 06/17/99
Players: 1
Memory Card Blocks: 1
Peripherals: DualShock

Based on the original incarnation of "Spriggan," a popular comic book that sold 8 million copies, this action game has an original story developed under the supervision of Hiroshi Takashige and Ryouji Minagawa, the original authors. The graphics, done in full polygonal splendor, and the rich flow of action found in the original work have been perfectly reproduced, giving the game the atmosphere of the original "Spriggan." The player can cultivate a character more suitable to their taste by dividing the main character's attributes as they see fit.

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