QuickLook Folders
My latest folder set, inspired by Apples Leopard QuickLook icons here are the QuickLook folders. The dmg contains both pixadex icontainer and icns versions. I'll have a windows package ready within the next couple of days.

As an extra treat I made a version of the set to fit Toner's new amazing GuiKit :canum! So go to the download section and grab your copy..... remember, don't take these too seriously, I know I don't Happy

New Folder Project.
I couldn't help it. I had to start a new folder set. These are some head-on perspective Aqua Folders like the ones that Apple uses in the new Leopard Finder feature, QuickLook.
I am pretty far along in the process already, and I have all the system folders and some extras covered.... but I want to do some more extras.

Anyway here's a small preview of the "Torrents" folder and "Website Under Construction" folder.

Big revamp.... again....
Some bigger than normal changes has been done to the site today. I have finally made a "company logo" which goes well with my current love for glass graphics.
I simplified the expression of the site by removing the busy background patterns as well as cleaned out some sections.

• Gallery section is now gone... I never updated it anyways.
• Clients Section is now the Showroom section.
• A new section is up: About section is just to get some info about who Jonas Rask is

I have updated the showroom section as well as the downloads section. Happy

Enjoy! Laugh