ROT13 Bookmarklet

Overview: This bookmarklet decodes ROT13-encoded text. Text within brackets ([]) will not be decoded. The bookmarklet works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and probably in other browsers, too.

What is a bookmarklet? A bookmarklet is a tiny program (a JavaScript application) contained in a bookmark (the URL is a "javascript:" URL) which can be saved and used the same way you use normal bookmarks.

Installation: Just drag and drop the following link to your Links toolbar or your Favorites/Bookmarks menu: ROT13

Usage: Select the text to be decoded in the browser window and click the bookmarklet on your Links toolbar or your Favorites/Bookmarks menu. A popup window will appear, showing the decoded text.

Test/Demo: Select the following text and click on the link above: [Comment:] Guvf vf n snagnfgvp obbxznexyrg!

Copyright: No copyright. Use, copy, modify, sell and distribute it as you like.