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    This is a summary of the full 10 year plan. The full plan is available for download as a PDF

    Welcome to Land Registry’s 10-year strategic plan

    Our mission is to provide the world’s best service for guaranteeing ownership of land and facilitating property transactions. This 10 year strategic plan describes how we will accomplish our mission. The plan maps out the work that Land Registry will be completing up until 2016. We have set ourselves six challenging strategic objectives to complete over the next ten years and these are set out below.

    1. Continue to make improvements to the delivery of services to all stakeholders
    2. Deliver timely and effective secondary legislation in relation to land registration
    3. Create a comprehensive land register for England and Wales
    4. Introduce an electronic conveyancing system through which most property transactions will be effected
    5. Make all land registration data electronically accessible to everyone
    6. Develop a broader range of services for property professionals, the public and others

    We plan to address the first two strategic objectives throughout this period by continually improving our services and ensuring that our legislation is up to date and meets the needs of all of our stakeholders and customers. Strategic objectives 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be achieved progressively over the period.

    This is a tough agenda. But we will deliver it because we are passionate about making property transactions easier for all. That is our vision.

    With the world’s largest property database of over 20 million titles, Land Registry underpins the economy by guaranteeing ownership of many billions of pounds worth of property. Around £1million worth of property is processed every minute in England and Wales. We now want Land Registry to be at the heart of the most efficient property market in the world. A property market to which Land Registry brings transparency, helping buyers and sellers with what is probably the most important transaction they will ever make. A property market in which they have confidence because they know what is going on.

    We hope you will share our vision – and that you will enjoy seeing us make a difference.

    “Making property transactions easier for all”

    Peter Collis
    Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive
    April 2006