31st May 2007//

Finally the Thunderdog Circus rolls into Town with this one night only extravaganza. There will be live painting, toys, dj’s and drinks. So bring your friends and let’s party.


26th May 2007//
Sugar & Cyanide Pink Ghost, Florida

Pink Ghost presents the combined works of Miss Kika, Pooka Machine and Terribly Odd. A real mish-mash of the sweet mixed with the sickly. Go check out their new works and pick up some merchendise while you're there ;)

26th May 2007//
You must be High AndrewShire Gallery, LA

The AndrewShire Gallery in LA proudly presents this new show featuring the artistic talents of Kip Fulbeck, Corrie Gregory, Kerry Horvath, Lindsey kuhn & Sergio Mora. The sheer amount of talent on show guarantees this to be a great show.

24th May 2007//
Between Heaven & Earth Stolen Space , UK

Between Heaven and Earth is a new show of oil paintings by Chloe Early. Chloe's amazing artwork features graceful divers seemingly unrelated to the urban landscape they appear in. Painted on sheet aluminium her paitings are truly something to behold.

17th May 2007//
SCRAWL COLLECTIVE Kitch-en Gallery, Middlesbrough

The Scrawl Collective will be showing a collection of signed and numbered prints at the Kitch-en Contemporary Urban Gallery in Middlesbrough. All the art will be available to purchase with prices starting as low as £25.

17th May 2007//
HENBO Bodhi Gallery, Brick Lane, London

Henbo are an illustration collective featuring the combined talents of Hide, Hector, Lya & Sichi. This show, entitled 'Imaginary characters in a real world' explores artwork of bizarre yet beautiful creatures

14th May 2007//
SURU x Ningyo Release SURU - Hollywood, CA

Superradtoys and SURU have come together on this most recent version of their Ningyo project with this design coming from Linkin Park member and SURU owner Joe Hahn. Obviously this figure is Bruce Lee inspired and features GID eyes and metal chained nunchucks!! Only 500 made.

12th May 2007//
GUILD Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin - Miami, FL

Miami based artist Daniel Arsham presents Guild, a show where artists such as Friends with You, John Bucklin, Kenneth Andrew Mroczek and Dennis Palazzo learn a new trade and produce a piece of work based on that trade. So the art could be anything from a piece of furniture, pottery, architecture... anything really. Should have some amazing results.

11th May 2007//
Backwoods Golden Gigantic Wootini, Carrboro, NC

Wootini presents Backwoods Golden Gigantic, a group show featuring the talents of Beth Tacular, Matt laFleur and Eric Amling. Music at the opening provided by 'Family'. Check out wootini.com for more info.

10th May - 30 June 2007//
DINNER AT MOLES Artoyz, Paris, France

DGPH will present canvas digital illustrations, some new posters specialy made for this show and toys. plus a 10 bubble moles series, custom made by DGPH.  

DGPH will be present the show on the 31st of May at 6pm.

10th May 2007//
RackGaki Stolen Space, London

RackGaki is a book on the Japanese Graffiti scene by Ryo Sanda and Suridh Hassan. Accompanying the books release is this exhibition featuring artwork from Japans leading artitsts. Two of Japans top writers, KRESS & ESOW are flying over to paint the centerpiece for the exhibition.

9th May 2007//
INK THIS 2 Coningsby Gallery, London

If you missed the Leicester show back in March then you've gotta go to this show. The artists involved include Jeremyville, Electric Heat, McFaul, Sanna Annukka, Genevieve Gauckler, Onesidezero, Saiman Chow and many more... The event will see each artist create new work surrounding the theme of Dreams and Nightmares.

3rd May 2007//
Planet Patrol Coningsby Gallery, London

Planet Patrol will feature live art sessions from Eelus, Adam Koukoudakis and Dan Malone. There will also be a live performance from Culprit1. There will be an extremely limited selection of signed and numbered prints available.


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