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This August, SDSers will host two Action Camps in Lancaster PA, and on Lake Huron MI. Each camp will run for four days and will be grounded in intensive skills trainings on organizing, media, facilitation, nonviolent direct action, and campaign strategy. We will explore lessons from history, the anatomy of social movements and contemporary movement building in the US. The action camps will be spaces to deeply grapple with questions surrounding SDS and race, gender, class, sexuality, and other aspects of power and oppression and identity. All trainings will be underpinned by a liberatory framework. They will be spaces to grow and bond as SDSers, develop strategy and vision, learn from movement elders, and engage in anti-authoritarian leadership development.

They will be spaces where SDSers can can redefine what it means to be a student activist in the U.S. and collectively participate in shaping the identity of SDS. Our goal is to eventualy make these camps annual events that happen in every region of the country.

For more information on the content of the action camps, see Action Camps: Curriculum.


The Basics

Date / Location

The basic logistics have now been confirmed. Yay!

Mid-West Action Camp August 5-8 on Lake Huron in Michigan, an hour from Detroit.

Northeast Action Camp August 15-18 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


The goal is to have the camps be as cheap as possible, if not free. But because funds are scarce, a small registration fee might be asked (most likely on a sliding scale based on how much one can afford). If you would like to contribute to funding the camps, a pay-pal account has been set up. **info coming soon.


See main article: Action Camps: Curriculum

What exactly will be at these camps? There will be three main skill areas that we will focus on: 1) skills, 2) vision and strategy, and 3) anti-oppression. In addition, we will talk about internal SDS stuff, and how those skill relate.

Who will be the trainers / facilitators? There will most likely be a mix of people helping out, both from in and outside of SDS. More specific info will be posted eventually (once the working-group figures out who exactly will be coming).


Registration for Action Camps will be available soon now that the basic logistical issues have been settled.

How To Help Out


There is currently a volunteer working-group doing the bulk of the planning for the camps. If you would like to help out the working-group, or possibly join it, subscribe to the email list: [1].

Volunteers Needed:

All positions are volunteer. Currently we need:

Cooks: People who can plan simple, tasty recipes, and supervise/help with their preparation. For more info or to sign up, contact Matt at

Fundraisers: People to help raise the capital needed to fund these great events. For more info, contact Zack Hershman (201) 264-2200


To get in touch with the folks organizing Action Camps, check out the following:

Working-Group Members:

If you are a member of the action camps working group, please add your name

Email Lists:

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