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CSS positioning bugs

We're Big John and Holly Bergevin, and together we built this site to explain some obtuse CSS bugs in modern browsers, provide demo examples of interesting CSS behaviors, and show how to "make it work" without using tables for layout purposes.

Modifications needed due to IE7

Be aware that most of the demos in this site employ the Holly hack to work correctly in IE, but now IE7 fails to read the old star-html hack which was the vehicle for feeding the Holly hack hasLayout fix. Further, IE7 cannot be shown a small height to trigger hasLayout as has been customary. These changes require that modifications be made for the demos to work correctly, and these mods are detailed here. As time permits we will be correcting all the pages on PIE, along with numerous client pages, so please bear with us during this trying time.

We're also a bit tardy on updating the IE demos to reflect bug fixes in IE7, but soon!

Newest Content

Internet Explorer vs. the Standards

Do you want to know why our simple CSS positioning system ends up becoming so very frustrating to so many unsuspecting coders? Go to this collection of articles and demos showing some of the major problems and ways to get around them. Warning: Barf Alert!

Browser specific bug demos:

Articles We (and others) Wrote

A number of in-depth articles, with the emphasis on readability. We have tried hard to make complex subjects clear, and we hope you agree.

Layout demos

Cross-browser bug Demos:

Guest demos

Contrary to widespread belief, we can't do it all! Here, other coders try their hand at demoization. Want to give it a try yourself?

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The source code for each demo has all the relevant CSS embedded in the head section. Please feel free to take, use, and if need be, abuse all code found on this site.

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