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Metallica have mostly exchanged thrashy riff metal for ballad-filled reflection rock, but one-time guitarist Dave Mustaine still likes his metal fast, brutal and apocalyptic. The cover of Megadeth's eleventh album depicts the United Nations under fiery siege and the lyrics throughout describe a bloody near-future of ethnic cleansing, terrorism and chaos. You could attribute the darkness to the troubled times we're in, but -- like the double-time guitar licks and endless noodling solos -- United Abominations sounds a whole lot like the band's last ten albums.


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CerebralHemisphere writes:

4of 5 Stars

Well I use to have respect for Rolling Stone. I can't say that I do anymore. What the hell happened to the musical integrity that this bullshit magazine held so dearly? This review by Evan is completely useless and baseless. Did this fruit booter even listen to this album? The claim that this album sounds like Megadeth's previous ten albums? Well you are far from fact buddy. Especially if you're comparing this album to the previous ten which includes "Risk". How about a little recognition for an album that landed in the #8 spot on the Billboards. That should tell you right there that people are interested in it. I apologize for the rant rather than the review but I am sick of searching for information on bands I enjoy listening to and finding outdated information on them. Thanks RS.

Jun 1, 2007 14:28:42

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