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Final 6 Players Fly To Paradise For Showdown


After two of the game’s strongest competitors gained weight, the household was in disarray. It would be an opportunity for players to vote out one of the competition favourites, but which huge threat would they choose to lose?

“Why is a grown man sitting there crying?” Chris asked as Marty curled up and began to weep. It was such an uncomfortable situation that the alliance walked out, preferring to discuss strategy. “I know I’m your biggest threat,” Marty admitted to Chris. It was a civilised discussion until the youngster suggested that Marty might still win money at the finale. Marty simply wasn’t in the mood for Chris’ ultra-competitive attitude.

“I think I need to be here,” Damien explained to Ajay in the elimination room while Marty shrugged his shoulders when asked about his weight-gain. “I can’t determine what my body is going to do,” he said before his rivals revealed their votes. Calling him ‘a massive threat’, Chris voted for Marty, but he also revealed that the pair had discussed a possible alliance, which the more senior player had rejected.  

Courtney said his vote was ‘based on fear’ and suddenly Marty was looking very vulnerable. “They both equally deserve to be here,” said Munnalita but her vote brought Marty’s journey to an end, this time for good. “For the second time in this room,” Ajay announced, “your fellow contestants have decided you will not be The Biggest Loser.”

Marty took the news well and only cried when he was touched by Damien’s respectful tribute. Kimberlie called him ‘an honest man’ while there was a particularly tender moment when Marty embraced Courtney and the ousted player said, “it’s good to see you’ve changed; you’ve turned into a top bloke”. Marty left with his dignity and whether he liked it or not, a shot at becoming a success at the finale.

“Each one of you will soon be going on a massive journey,” Ajay told the remaining 6 contestants. While the word ‘paradise’ was mentioned, Courtney had his own take on that terminology. “They use good words for bad things around here,” he said. The excited and nervous players could only speculate on the true nature of their trip. “Swimming with sharks?” Damien asked. “You could lose a limb and blitz the next weigh-in”.

At the international terminal, it soon became apparent that the contestants would be flying to picturesque Queenstown in New Zealand – a dreamy location where Courtney rightly recalled, “that’s the place where they do all the extreme sports”. Waiting for them at beautiful Cedar House was their training team. “Michelle and I have been here, road-testing everything,” Shannan explained. “It’s going to be a massively liberating time for these guys,” Michelle said, looking forward to helping each contestant to push not only physical but psychological barriers.

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