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xm320 general specifications

What is the XM320?

The U.S. Army XM320 program was the first fully competitive service-wide procurement for an add-on 40mm grenade launcher since the U.S. M203 was adopted in 1969.
The XM320 could be fielded as early as FY06 and will be deployed with current and future service weapons including the M16A2, M16A4, M4 and M4 MWS.
The XM320 provides the war fighter with five main system components: Side-opening add-on 40x46mm launcher, various optional sighting devices including day/night/ranging sighting system, detachable multi-position retractable buttstock, carrying sling for stand-alone use and field cleaning kit.
The XM320 design allows attachment to the host weapon by the operator in the field in seconds and without the need for tools.
The XM320 program successfully leveraged existing Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology and rapid acquisition procurement methods to field the XM320 to the war fighters early.
The XM320 has proven to be a highly reliable and accurate grenade launcher with complete system modularity to provide operational flexibility for the user.

Why XM320?

The U.S. M203 has been in service since 1969. It does not provide modularity or stand-alone capability, is not compatible with longer length special purpose munitions, cannot be mounted by the operator and does not offer the first round hit probability, day/night and ranging capabilities of the XM320.
The XM320 will provide a common grenade launcher that can be used on current and future platforms through the use of various mounting adapters.
M203s cannot be used in a stand-alone mode for special purposes that include riot/crowd control, firing from vehicles or as supple-mental weapons for special missions.
The XM320 ensures improved first round hit probability by providing accurate range-to-target data and 5 meter aiming increments to engage and defeat enemy targets with the first round.

High Payoff, Low Investment

The use of proven COTS subsystems, full and open competition and accelerated procurement methods, ensures delivery of a combat ready system with complete logistics support at the best value to the U.S. government.
Preplanned Product Improvements offer enhanced capabilities to include increased munitions range and target effects, reduced felt recoil, reduced system weight, full solution fire control system and pre-programmed air bursting capability.

What is New Here?

The procurement for the XM320 was conducted as a full and open competition with all interested manufacturers free to submit test samples for an optimal launcher.
Offers an unlimited number of launcher variants and adapters to replace more than two weapon-specific add-on M203 variants and the Vietnam era U.S. M79 stand-alone grenade launchers.
Envisioned by operators - The XM320 was tested and selected with full operator involvement
Provides the flexibility to match the way the U.S. military does business today: modularity
Procured and fielded quickly without the need to invest R&D funds or employ a lengthy development process.

xm320 general specifications