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DMB 2007-05-30
Wembley Arena
London, England,
United Kingdom

Still Water (tease)...>
Don’t Drink the Water *
Dream Girl *
When The World Ends *
You Might Die Trying *
#41 *~
Satellite *~
Louisiana Bayou *
Sister Ä
Lie In Our Graves *
So Much To Say *
Anyone Seen The Bridge *
Too Much *
The Idea Of You *
Jimi Thing *
Stay *
Ants Marching *
Gravedigger +
Nothing From Nothing *
Two Step *

All Songs with Butch Taylor
* Rashawn Ross
~ Tom Morello on electic guitar

Carter, Butch and Rashawn sang backup vocals on Sister. This is the 1st show they did that.
+ Dave Solo.

Next Show

DMB 2007-07-08
Toyota Park
Bridgeview, IL


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Boyd takes ESPN By Storm (Wimbledon Music) (Machead)
Posted by Joe Maliszeski 5/2/06 11:30am
Boyd Tinsley, who of course is the violinist for the Dave Matthws Band, will stop by the ESPN SportsNation to chat today about music, sports, and more at 3:45 ET. ESPN is looking for questions for Boyd, so if you have one head over to the question page and submit one. Then at 3:45, visit ESPN SportsNation and view the chat. Boyd has been asked to create the theme music for this year's Wimbledon coverage.

Update: Boyd will also be on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio at 1 ET today. Thanks to Ryan for the heads up. Boyd also will be on ESPN News Hot List around 5pm.

Update: On the Dan Patrick Show Boyd discusses why he wrote the theme song for this year's Wimbledon coverage, named The Ghost of Wimbledon. They also played the beginning of the song, which of course contains a number of string instruments and features the violin. Also part of the interview was tennis player James Blake. You can download the interview in our Featured Downloads section.

Update: To view the transcript of the chat click here. An anonymous Ant asked: Bloomington, IL: "Hey Boyd, can you explain in any way what the song Machead is about? We at would love to know. Thanks a lot." With Boyd replying: "It's a song that we were working on for These Crowded Streets and it's a song that we just never got to completion before we finished the album. Who knows, maybe one of these days we'll finish it and record it again, but we finished the album before we finished the song." His comments raise points against current working theories that parts of Machead have become other songs.