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About Us
Our schools are located in neighborhoods throughout Minnesota's capital city.
Our schools are located in neighborhoods throughout Minnesota's capital city.
With more than 42,000 students, Saint Paul Public Schools is Minnesota's second-largest school district. Through highly trained and deeply dedicated staff, innovative education programs, and the support of our community, we offer students and families a world of opportunities.

We are lucky to be located in Saint Paul, Minnesota's capital city and one of the state's most dynamic and caring communities. Our location provides students with the opportunity to learn through partnerships and collaborations, including those with the Office of the Mayor, the Children's Museum and many other businesses and organizations.

Our student population is diverse. Students hail from countries throughout the world, speak more than 70 languages and dialects, and come to the district with an array of educational experiences and skills. Their experiences help us create a multicultural educational energy that supplements classroom lessons and helps all students and staff develop a better understanding of the world in which they live.

Student Demographics: (2005-06)
Student Enrollment
Early Education 556
Kindergarten 3,319
Elementary (1-6) 17,976
Secondary (7-12 and Area Learning Centers) 19,373
Total enrollment reported to the state 41,224
Early Kindergarten (4-year-old kindergarten) 915

Saint Paul's students are:
o Caucasian American (26.5% or 10,939)
o African American* (29.4% or 12,050)
o American Indian (1.8% or 772)
o Asian American (29.8% or 12,239)
o Latino/Hispanic American (12.5% or 5,143)
Percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth

Our district is located in Minnesota's capital city--a diverse urban center that provides students and schools with opportunities beyond the classroom. All of our schools and programs have partnerships with business, arts and cultural organizations that provide valuable enrichment opportunities.

Number of Schools and Programs: (As of fall 2006)***
Elementary Schools (K-6) 48
Elementary Schools (K-8 or 1-8) 2
Open School (K-12) 1
Junior/Middle Schools (6-8 or 7-8) 8
Senior High Schools (9-12) 7
Special Education School 1
Other Special Sites 44
Other Programs and Learning Sites 165

***This list does not include charter schools in Saint Paul.
**Some school district buildings include more than one program.

Saint Paul also provides the district with a talented pool of education professionals.

Employees (2005-06)
3,470 K- 12 Teachers
208 Principals & Other Administration
1,555 Paraprofessionals
1,329 Support Staff

People choose to work in our district because they are committed to helping all students learn to the best of their abilities. By employing a highly skilled, highly dedicated team of professionals, we increase our students' chances of turning educational challenges into opportunities.

Limited English Speaking Pre-kindergarten-12 41% or 16,911
Home Language Other than English 41.9% or 17,280
(More than 103 languages & dialects)
Eligible for free & reduced price lunch 70.9% or 29,211
Mobility Index (2003-04)** 22%
Stability Index (2003-04)** 88%
Students Receiving Special Education Services 17.9% or 7,339

**The mobility index shows the disruption due to students who enter or leave traditional schools during the school year. The stability index shows the percent of students who were enrolled for the entire year.

Combine a caring community with the best teachers, willing students and proven educational programs, and you get impressive results.

150 Years

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