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Disk Manager Shdiag
This program is used to diagnose the disk when the SAMSUNG hard disk is suspected to have failures. It is strongly recommended to back up your data before using this program!
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1. Precaution
This program runs in DOS mode only.
Please back up your data before proceeding.
2. Target models
This program is just available below SAMSUNG HDDs.
SpinPoint V20400
SV4084D, SV3063D, SV2042D, SV1021D, SV0761D
SpinPoint V15300
V3064D, SV2043D, SV1532D, SV0761D
SpinPoint V10200
SV2044D, SV1533D, SV1022D, SV0511D
SpinPoint V9100
SV1824D, SV1363D, SV0842D, SV0431D
SV2046D, SV1705D, SV1364D, SV1023D, SV0682D, SP1828D, SP1366D, SP0914D, SV1296D, SV0844D, SV0643D, SV0432D, And other older models
3. How to use
At the A:\>prompt, enter "SHDIAG".
Decide on your agreement to the license agreement term of SAMSUNG Diagnostic program.
   (Enter 'y' if you agree. If you enter 'N', the program will be cancelled.)

It is detecting drives on the system.
Select the hard disk to test, and the system area will be tested.

There are six items of testing and they will start automatically.
    Maintenance Cylinder contains physical information of HDD.
    OD : Outer Dimension,
    ID : Inner Dimension

The system area test results are displayed. If no error is detected, permission to continue to
    test all areas is asked, and is aborted when there is an error.
    If you choose 'Y', it will start to scan entire surface as below screen.

Under screen is the final display of the test result if HDD has no error.
   After executing without any errors, if your system still has a problem, please check the
   virus, OS, programs or cable connections on your system.
Tip in case of an error occur
Following screen will be displayed.
Press any key, then below screen will be displayed.

If you choose 'Y', all data will be removed.
If you want to do Low-level format, please back your data up before press 'Y'.

It is the final screen of with an error. - Please contact the dealer you purchased the product
   from first.
If you can not reach your dealer, please refer to the contact information and contact the
   nearest country from you.
Download Program
For PASS: Examine on parts other than SAMSUNG HDD, such as system connections,
   software, and virus.
For FAIL: Low level format using CLEARHDD program, and retry the test. If errors are still
   reported, please contact the vendor or nearest service center for repair or click here to
   RMA (move to RMA)
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