Chase> has magic returned totally?

Terry Goodkind> the threat from the chimes is eliminated, but it is hard to tell what lingering damage may have resulted. For example if somebody owed their existence to magic were destroyed because the chimes took away magic, then that thing will never exist again. So in that respect magic will never return totally

Guilo>  Where did Nathan head off to and will he be in the next book

Terry Goodkind> Nathan went off to try and forget an unhappy chapter of his life and the end of someone he cared about.

nix>  Was Zedd's wife a confessor

Terry Goodkind> I can't answer this question because to do so is to open a pandora's box of questions of every shape and form of what is going on outside the world as is written. Were I to do that (answer the question) there would be no way to stem the tide of what about this and what about that.

Zertan>  Hi Terry, I am an avid reader of your novels and I just wanted to ask, where do you get the ideas for most of your stories and characters from.

Terry Goodkind> Were do I get my ideas? I can only answer it in this way if I am going to be honest. My whole life I have had characters in my mind telling me their stories. There is always action and drama going on in these stories. I am always going through these stories in my mind wondering what is to come next, what is to become of these people, how do they solve the problems facing them. My whole life has been an exploration of these stories. Much they way one would walk through an intriguing forest exploring different trails and seeking new vistas. Never once until I began talking to fans after my first book was published had the question of where do my ideas come from ever enter my mind. It is a completely foreign concept to me, and I find myself inadequate in answering the question because I can't really even understand it. It's like asking a composer where do the notes come from. If a fan asks me that question I can't adequately explain the answer because I do not have the words to define it. I am simply a writer and it is the way my mind works. So it is difficult for me to convey the concept that ideas are simply the part of the makeup of a writer. If a person who is struggling to be an author asks me that question, then I know they the will never really be a writer. Writing and idea are simply the essence of what I am.

ConfessrT> Good Evening Mr. Goodkind,  my first question is. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?  Would you suggest get a Master or just going with your gut?

Terry Goodkind> my opinion is that all true writers are self made, and that colleges can be but are not necessarily are very destructive forces. The chief aim of any college is political indoctrination to prevent you from thinking. But I am sure there must be a couple out there that encourage free thought. Although they would be rare because college campuses are the most repressive environment in the country.

Thunderchild> When Richard used the sword to kill the 30 Baka ban mana, the sword didn't extract the price when he killed with it.  Why is that?

Terry Goodkind> As was explained in WFR Richards defense is his rage. The more he uses it the better he understands

Don't know who?> Good evening Mr. Goodkind, I love the series, but(and this is a personal question) I was just wondering if you are a religious man and if so what religion?

Terry Goodkind> I believe in the nobility of the human spirit, the sacredness of existence.

Zertan>  I must say again, that I really love the series. But if all creatures that owed there existence to magic were destroyed, would Shar's people be destroyed and what happened to the web spell that made all red fruit poisonous?

Terry Goodkind> you see this is what happens when I try to be helpful! (Terry laughs)

IceBlast> Could Richard have still used the magic of the sword of truth even though it was still in the Wizard's Keep.

Terry Goodkind> In a basic literal sense he has to have the sword to use it. But that part of himself that he brings to the sword is always his to use.

ConfessorX> Why didn't Terry make Fitch suffer longer?  The slimy weasel got off too easy!

Terry Goodkind> It is the job of the reader to imagine his suffering

KRMe> If Zedd's wife wasn't a confessor, then who was the other couple or can you tell us that yet?

Terry Goodkind> your trick worked I will now answer the question (just kidding)

Thunderchild> Was Richard's quitting a way to get Chase back into the stories?

Terry Goodkind> There was a reason for what Richard did in SOTF. It was nothing as trivial as a way to get Chase into the story. It had nothing to do with Chase. The next book has to do with why Richard left the way he did.

tinkzilla>  jamie tinker, naples, italy. I guess this is more of a writer's question. Writing is a wonderful experience, but do you now find yourself more critical of other's writing to the point that it interferes with your enjoyment of reading?

Terry Goodkind> That is an interesting question. It is all part of the reason I started writing, was because of how critical I was of other peoples writing. I always had an intolerance of writing I do not like and if I don't like it I simply won't read it. I have always been pretty much that way. But also, as you write you learn, so consequently it does add a new critical element towards anything I read. Writing that is excellent always stands out as a shining example to me of what people are capable of accomplishing.

nix>  I remember someone wanted us to ask, Are you going to do a prequel to WFR

Terry Goodkind> Yes, it is called Debt of Bones and it is in Legends (Terry is laughing again). For now my thought and effort go into the series. MY more immediate thought and effort are in book 6, which I am working on now. I won't say that I will never do it, but I just don't think in that way. For all I know when I get done writing book 6 some overwhelmingly compelling idea could hit me and I would want to write that story, but that's just another way of saying I do not know what will happen in the future. For now my only concern is with the present. For now my only concern is with the present story line.

Cannon> Terry, I saw in the B&N chat you mentioned Ayn Rand, I was wondering which of her books you like better, the fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged?

Terry Goodkind> Wow, that's like asking what you like better God the father or God the son. (We the living) I like the both for different reasons. I would have to say I would consider Atlas Shrugged one the towering achievements of human intellect. As long as we are one the subject, people will ask in other forms what other authors I like. I don't think there is another author who has ever come close to what Ayn Rand has achieved. I would not dare to even put myself in her league.

KRMe>  has TOR pick up a 7th book yet

Terry Goodkind> No, but it's understood in all of my dealings with them that they very much would like continue our present relationship. For my standpoint I certainly would because I consider TOR the best publisher out there. One of the reasons I say this is because I know that the people at TOR love what they are doing and believe in the books that they publish. I can not say enough nice things about how much support and encouragement they give me.

[Ebola]>  Ya' like Metallica? :)

Terry Goodkind> yes some of Metallica. For example "nothing else matters"

LadyGalaxy>  Alright, my question is not the future but the present, I believe I got a tad confused about 'the mountain' so to speak, and the grace. I got a tad confused on how he built the grace around him and it was then an incantation to draw the chimes into slavery... I guess I'm either slow or just completely missed something that led up to the whole thing cause it seemed like the whole thing jumped out into the blue. could you explain it (From Zedd. I read this as How did Joseph Ander trap the Chimes)

Terry Goodkind> It is important that the logic of the story consistent and that the details contribute rationally to that story. That said I would like to make it clear that those details and that logical consistency are secondary in that they support what I am doing. And what I am doing is not a string of details like a role playing game. What I am doing is conveying the essence of human emotions, The emotions of the characters and the emotional stories I'm telling are what is of prime importance to me. I'm trying to tell a story of the things we all share in common. I'm trying to touch those things within us all that are the reasons life is important. These threads of human existence are profoundly spiritual and significant to me. The angle of the sun when the characters experience these emotions is not what is uppermost in my mind. I don't mean to sound as if I'm trivializing this kind of question. It's just that they sometimes seem to me as if people become to absorbed in the details and miss my intent. I think that in the case of the specific question. Richard's point was that he understood the result of what Ander had accomplished and the seamless perfection of that accomplishment and the import part for Richard was that he knew how to address the issue because he saw the nature of reality. I don't mean to disparage any questions of this type or this one. I just wanted to make sure that people understand the nature of how I write.

Thunderchild> In Legends, they mentioned boundary wardens.  Were they in both the Midlands AND the Westlands?

Terry Goodkind> yes

Zertan> In the end of SotF, Richard announces he will return back to Westland; but what is left for him there, save his woods guide job and the forests?

Terry Goodkind> The answer to this question is called book 6

 <Scorp> Mr. Goodkind, are there any naval fleets in the Sword of Truth world?

Terry Goodkind> There is an ocean. Where ever there is an ocean there are boats. That means people in those boats. Wherever there are people so to there is conflict.

**** Terry would like to make a comment - - Please understand that I put a great deal of thought into what I am writing. I don't put a lot of thought into every conceivable detail that is offstage.****

wizardJ> Who was the other confessor that  figured out how to love?

Terry Goodkind> I give up who (more laughing) (NOTE FROM ZEDD. He's not answering that question. Stop trying to trick me)

Zertan>  In SotF, Dalton commits adultery with Ms. Chanboor, did he do this to spread the disease to her, as she does not sleep with her husband, or did he do this for some other reason?

Terry Goodkind> He did it to assassinate her. He also slept with his own wife in retribution to her betrayal (She is how the sovereign will get it)

Zertan>  If Richard and Michael have the same mothers, how come Michael is the older brother even though Richard's mother arrived in West Land with Richard?

Terry Goodkind> Ignore the first answer, they are only step brothers. (Zedd : I read the question wrong!)

[Ebola]>  I noticed, I think in BOTF, that as well as mentioning Kolo, there was also Koto.  Different people or typo?

Terry Goodkind> Terry does not remember a KOTO, so it must have been a typo.

Pindersnitch> Hiya Terry.  I was wondering if you can recall the music you were listening to when you wrote the scene in which Richard apologizes to Kahlan, in the bottom of the Wizards Keep, after having just returned from the TotW.  Thanks.

Terry Goodkind> I do not remember if I was listening to music when I wrote that, but I do remember what an intense emotional experience it was.

Pudders> Is Richard still First Councilor of Westland?

Terry Goodkind> many people are still loyal to Richard, many people are not. Loyalty is often a shifting sand. It remains up to Richard at this point to discover the truth of what people are really loyal to.

Egan> What is your favorite movie and I have forgot above a lot of thanks for your books from me and my friend who doesn't have internet!!!!!

Terry Goodkind> Vanishing point (of the top of my head without ant real thought) I don't really watch many movies at all. And since if anyone has seen Vanishing Point (Since he assumes most people haven't) it is because it is one mans struggle for freedom. I haven't been to movie theatre in 5 or 6 years. I hardly ever watch TV, most of the time I am writing, and if I am not writing I'm reading research material (<Jeri in background>  Or he is on the phone) or dealing with business aspects of writing.

tinkzilla>  I've seen that SOTF was only on the NY Times bestseller list for only 2 weeks but is still outselling most of the books currently on their list and still doing well on other bestseller lists.  In your opinion, what message does this give to fantasy and other genre writers?

Terry Goodkind> In my opinion it has nothing to do with fantasy or genre, but is clearly an act of censorship. The mainstream press in this country cares very little for freedom of the press and holds truth in disdain. The main object of the mainstream press has come to be the suppression of free thought and the promotion of socialist totalitarianism. Pursuant to their goals, SOTF obviously had to be repressed as you point out absence from the Times list bears no relationship to book sales. It is a little known fact among the general public that the NYT list is least reflective best seller list of actual book sales. The Wall Street Journal list is one of the most accurate best seller lists. USA today is another good list.

KRMe> Can Zedd teach a Wizard with both sides of the magic how to use his gift

Terry Goodkind> Can a person blind from birth ever be able to truly understand the nature and affect of fog.

IceBlast> Terry out of all the live chats and fans that have asked you questions. Is there anything that someone hasn't asked about yet. Some hint you put in and everyone seemed to miss???

Terry Goodkind> Terry Laughs. No one has ever said it and I am not going to say. Since the series began there has always been an element that no one has ever mentioned to me that they understood. I always thought it would be one of the first things that people grasped. But to this day no one has ever mentioned it. It is also what I consider one of the central underlining themes of the whole series (Zedd: I didn't know either. Neither did Jeri. This is going to drive me nuts!) It is something only to be understood upon reflection.

 <Egan>  Is there a chance that you will visit Europe on an at least partially official basis??

Terry Goodkind> Yes there is a chance, but I have no idea when. I have already been invited once, but had to turn the trip down so I could write SOTF, but I am sure that in some point in the future I will again have the opportunity.

LdyGalaxy> *I would like to compliment you, sir, terry, on your ability and let you know how much of a pleasure it is reading your books, though I know you get this all the time. I would also like to point out for the first time I was so enthralled in your story, that I found myself staying up half the night trying to finish it. Very few books give me that pleasure. Either that or I'm reading the wrong books.

Terry Goodkind> Thank you very much. That really gets to the heart of the matter on why I am so privileged to write and why it means so much to me. I'm continually amazed at the depth of devotion people feel towards the books. I can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is.

Cannon> Terry, So which AC/DC disk/song do you like for writing the fighting stuff best?

Terry Goodkind> Depends on which kind of fight scene it is.

Zertan> After writing several huge novels, how fast can you type?

Terry Goodkind> I type on a devork keyboard layout, which is fundamentally different than a standard qwerty kb. QWERTY was developed in the late 1800's specifically to be as slow and awkward as possible to deliberately slow down typist so they would not jam the typewriter. Devorak was designed specifically to type the English language. It is a faster and more accurate kb layout, but while I have never timed my self I can go pretty fast when I need to.

nix>  Terry, well I have to leave now but I wanted to thank you for doing this chat (and for writing your books) and don't let it discourage you that we ask tech. questions sometimes it is not that we miss the point and don't get absorbed in your books, it is the fact that we read your books so many times and try to learn every detail of them so we think of questions to help us understand the Sword of truth world better.  Thanks

Terry Goodkind> Thank you for that comment. That is nice to know. But I would like you to know that this is really fun for me to do

penDragon> when Fitch gets to the wizards castle all the guards jump off of the bridge, was he begin helped along or was it just coincidence the chimes attacked at that time?

Terry Goodkind> I believe that Richard and Kahlan have both in the past said they do not believe in coincidence.

Chase> Love your series, My question is this. I collect swords and knife. On the web site there is a picture of the Sword of Truth. Have you ever thought about contacting a sword and knife maker (such as Gil Hibben) to produce these for your fans.  thanks for taking the time for us!!

Terry Goodkind> I have talked about that with my agent, and there are a lot of problems most people never realized. It involves licensing rights.  Any time you license certain rights it diminishes the value of other rights. For example (this is in no way means to say this is happening, it is just an example). Were some one to want to buy the movie rights, the fact that rights to say the sword were already sold could very well diminish their interest in purchasing movie rights. If I recall correctly, Disney for example will not buy the rights to any script unless all merchandising rights are free and clear.

KRMe> I happen to be one of those folks that loved Gratch... is there a chance that he may be back again?

Terry Goodkind> I never say never. Anything is possible.

IceBlast>  Terry I would like to know where you got the keyboard you are using in the picture Zedd has on his site???

Terry Goodkind> Kinesis Corp (they have a web site) I absolutely love this kb. It is the best one I have ever used.

[Ebola]> You like reading your own books? (For example: Reading WFR now).

Terry Goodkind> Yes, although as I write I try to always get better. That means when I go back to the early books I see a lot of clunky writing that makes me wince. I someday would like to go back and revise the first book. But I would only revise the wording. I still enjoy the story. The story is all that really counts. I like to read the books because I relive the emotions I had when I wrote them. It's not that I go back and reread them just for the sake of reading them again, but it is often necessary to reread segments to retain consistency so you all do not catch me making a mistake!

Tariner> Terry, its me again.  I was just wondering why Shota would kill Richard and Kahlan's baby boy.  I know that the boy would have much power, but isn't it important for confessors to still hold some power of the newly united D'Hara and Midlands?

Terry Goodkind> Shota has expressed quire forcefully her reasons. I don't think I could add anything to that.

Pindersnitch> Me again (I asked about music during Richards apology in TotW). It was definitely an emotionally intense scene.  I am wondering which other moments in Kahlans and Richards lives have been as intense for you as that one was?

Terry Goodkind> In WFR when Kahlan finally told Richard that she was a confessor and what that meant. When Richard Killed Denna. When Kahlan had to marry Drefan and Richard had to marry Nadine. When Raina died. When Kahlan was attacked at the end of SOTF, those are just some, there are many more

 <Tillio> How old is Shota?

Terry Goodkind> I am absolutely amazed at the inventiveness of my readers.

ConfessrT> Mr.Goodkind, I will just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving up a Friday night to spend time with us.  I have come to enjoy my time at Prophets, Inc. not only for the excellent conversation and camaraderie, but also for being able to share my love for the incredible story you have woven.  Now, I can also say I not only respect your talent but also integrity and kindness you have shown us, your  fans. Everyone here thanks you and you wife for you time and effort. (this message did get a little cut up in the pasting)

Terry Goodkind> Please know that it really is a pleasure for me to be here. Since I have started writing I have had to learn how to say no, and I wouldn't be here doing this unless I honestly enjoyed it. Brian is a prince among men for having me (Zedd : he really said this me not me)

IceBlast>  I would like to ask, Is it hard for you to write about Richard or Kahlan being beaten to the edge of their life? I know it's hard for me to read it. I know you must care far more about them then any of us...

Terry Goodkind> It is more difficult for me to do than I can describe. It gave me nightmares.

CrazyWolf> Mr. Goodkind, I know you get a lot of questions like this, but I would really love to know if you like any of KoRn's music?

Terry Goodkind> He is not sure. The radio plays large blocks of music without telling the name of the song or group

[Ebola]>  I'm being a little too thorough here, but if Richard knows when Kahlan is in a room, why didn't he know that the beaten person was her?

Terry Goodkind> I feel if you just think about this a little bit it will be obvious.

Chase> Is it that love conquers all ...The thing that no one has gotten.

Terry Goodkind> no

Tariner>  Terry, how did you manage to come up with the wizard's rules?  They are so simple, but yet very accurate to real life.

Terry Goodkind> They are second nature to me. In the way I deal with life.

Tariner>  On your signing tour, I've noticed that you don't reach some of the states.  Is there a reason for that?  Do plan on visiting them later?

Terry Goodkind> Sometimes it is a matter of logistics. For example, in the last tour there was still winter in some parts of the country and a snowstorm can really wreak havoc with a schedule. There are time limitations to consider also. I try to encourage the publicity people to have me visit new places, so I hope in the future I will be near you and able to sign your books. And BTW if you do ever have the opportunity to come to one of my signings please do not be shy about bringing your books. I never put a restriction on how many you can bring to get signed. (Zedd : Yes, someone on the net, not me, told people they could only bring one. This is not true)

Thunderchild> Was Kahlans baby the one Shota was talking about?

Terry Goodkind> I give up was it? (In other words he is not saying)

Tariner> Hey Terry, I was just wondering what you would do if a producer wanted to make your books into movies?

Terry Goodkind> If a producer did want to make one of my books into a movie, there would be a lot of very high hurdles for them to get over. I wouldn't want any of the books made into movies just for the sake of doing it. I would only want them made into movies if I had a very high degree of confidence that they could be done with a high degree of honesty and integrity. That pretty much makes it unlikely that it will ever happen.

Thunderchild> What's your favorite Jell-O flavor? (Zedd : I know we were talking about Jell-O earlier in the evening, but I laughed when you actually asked this!)

Terry Goodkind> plaid

Tariner>  Terry, a friend of mine wants to know why you left the 5th book so open ended?

Terry Goodkind> (Zedd : prepare for a long answer! )The ending of sotf was substantially different then the ends of the other books. I was trying to accomplish specific things with the way that book ended. One of the reasons it ended the way it ended was because I considered what happened to Kahlan to be so horrific that the true emotion of it is conveyed in the least amount of explanation. As my editor always says less is more. Were I to have written a lot more about that it would have sapped the impact from the event. No less than what happened to Kahlan is what happened to Richard. Richard learned something very profound and in many ways it hurt him as much as those men hurt Kahlan. All of these things are a transition point in Richard's and Kahlan's life that leads into the next book. So I wanted this book to end this way because of what I'm writing about in book 6. While I think the ending of sotf was poignant I think also that you will understand the ending better when you read the next book. I guess this is my way of saying that yes in fact this ending was done very deliberately and for a reason.

Zertan>  Do you have groupies or paparazzi that follows you?

Terry Goodkind> just Brian (Zedd : Yeah I have risen to the level of groupie!)

Kahlan>  what sort of school did you do?

Terry Goodkind> I went to public school

IceBlast>  Terry, Have you ever gotten caught up in the writing, that you stayed up for days? What's the longest time you've spent writing..

Terry Goodkind> Since I write every day, seven days a week it is important for me to maintain a schedule so I can get enough sleep every night,. It is virtually impossible to maintain the level of concentration to write if I do not get enough sleep. There have been occasion such as type-editing deadlines where I have had to stay up for days. This happened on the editing of SOTF. Let me tell you it was not fun.

KRMe>  in all of the other books there was a little tidbit (hint or question) that would need to be answered in the next book... did this surprise you the first time it happened to you???

Terry Goodkind> I like to do that occasionally because it gives me something to think about for the next book.

LdyGalaxy>  do you believe in the possibility of true love as it was set in the series?

Terry Goodkind> don't you?

 <KRMe>  how many ideas have you gotten from talking to your fans... (hehe-- just hopping to help out a tiny bit)

Terry Goodkind> none. That is not they way I get my ideas

KRMe>  in BOTF there was a lot of humor... I just wanted to say that it was also my favorite.. I would also like to say thanks for keeping them (all 5) so clean... in other words no foul language has been needed to make what ever point that kind of stuff is suppose to do...

Terry Goodkind> Thank you for noticing. I write that way deliberately. I think that sort of language is a poor substitute for skill.

Terry Goodkind> Thank you Brian for inviting me. And thank you everyone who asked questions. I appreciate them all, even if I didn't have a chance to answer every single one. I can tell by the questions that they are asked out of love for the characters and story. AndP.S. there were many very good questions, they really were a lot of fun to answer. Thanx a lot I'll talk you all in the future.


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