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The Incredible Veggie Show

Foie Gras

Beyond Skin
Heather Mills Goes Undercover With Viva! to Expose Pig Cruelty. Campaigns group calls for a complete ban on all pig farrowing crates [March 14th 2007]
240,584 People can't be wrong on Cat & Dog fur [November 30th 2006]


MAG Shoe Auction, November 28th, 2006 [November 2006]
The 8th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Ljubljana [October 2006]
Paris Hilton Makes a Fashion Statement [June 2006]

Victory for Cat and Dogs [May 2006]

Burberry pull Chinese fur from the Fall 2006 Collection after watching Heather's video Click here to watch DVD [Mar 2006]

Heather and Paul McCartney renew plea for ban - on eve of brutal seal hunt [Mar 2006]

Heather and Paul McCartney visit Canadian seal pups & call for an end to the seal hunt [Mar 2006]

Dog & Cat Fur Facts

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USA Today

Protect Darfur

Protect Darfur

Heather Mills has today won a landmark victory in her fight to stop tabloid newspapers smearing her name with inaccurate stories. [April 1st 2007]
Heather Mills will NOT appear in Big Brother [April 2007]
The truth about Heather and those police calls [March 2007]

Heather presents Heather Mills McCartney GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP IN HUMAN SECURITY [October 2006]

Charities speak out in support of Heather [July 2006]

'New book release' LIFE BALANCE by Heather Mills McCartney and Ben Noakes [May 2006]

The McCartneys V The Fur Trade [Apr 2006]

Heather Mills McCartney persuades Burberry to pull Chinese Fur from Fall 2006 Collection [Mar 2006]

FASHION+FUR = FAIR? [Feb 2006]

Heather and Alec Baldwin on Larry King Live [Jan 2006]

A Note from Heather Updated

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Recycling to Save Lives - If you have empty inkjet cartridges or an old mobile phone you can recycle them to raise funds to clear landmines - one inkjet cartridge raises enough to clear a square metre of mine affected land. To receive your freepost envelopes please e-mail info@landmines.org.uk or call us on 02074715580 - Saving Lives and Saving the Environment. [May 2007]

Christmas Pudding Appeal – In partnership with the Rotary Club of Cwmbran Vale, No More Landmines are raising funds for their work by selling the highest quality Christmas Puddings. [May 2007]

Marathon on Crutches - Angus Macfadyen is not disabled but, after an accident that left him on crutches for 4 months last year he set a world record running the Flora London Marathon on crutches to help those that are. [April 2007]

Square Meals for Square Metres – A campaign to help you change the world from your dining room! [Mar 2007]

One Step Beyond - Through donating a pair of your old shoes and £2 you can be part of: raising £160,000 for charities including No More Landmines, supplying charities in Africa and Asia with much needed shoes; and setting a new World Record. Your old shoes really can make a difference! [Jan 2007]

Music for Mine Clearance – The Winter Kings are a new band on the London scene who create lyrically interesting alternative music interweaving melody and meaning. They are supporting No More Landmines and will be donating to the charity when they release their single 'Landmines'. [Jan 2007]

Justgiving - If you are taking part in a run, giving up smoking or anything else this is a great way to get sponsored and raise funds to clear landmines and help landmine survivors. [October 2006]

Heather and Paul have personally designed wristbands to help support the charity Adopt-a-Minefield. Click here to Purchase. [Dec 2005]

No More Landmines - freeing communities from the legacy of war.

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