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Watch the brightest stars in literature, film, TV, and music on Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher, presented by UPS and Cingular. See the complete roster of guests at left, or check out a handful of our favorite interviews and performances in the player above.

Episode 12

On our season finale, rapper-turned-author 50 Cent engaged Bill about his autobiography and drug-dealing roots before the two performed a brief, unlikely duet. Timothy Olyphant of Deadwood then moseyed onto the set to chat about fame, 19th-century dialogue, and oddball fan mail. Afterwards, Bill welcomed beloved TV dad and close buddy Alan Thicke--they reminisced about Alan's misadventures with his (real and onscreen) kids. In an interlude from Pasadena, Tony Hale delivered a copy of Arrested Development to a pair of Caltech students who greeted him with "Buster Bluth! What's up?" Back in the Fishbowl, all-American rockers Augustana wowed the audience with "Boston" and "Sunday Best," two numbers from their acclaimed debut album. That's a wrap!
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Featured Titles from Episode 12

From Pieces to Weight
50 Cent
Our Price: $11.05
Deadwood - Season 2
Timothy Olyphant
Our Price: $64.99
How to Raise Kids Who Won't Hate You
Alan Thicke
Our Price: $12.44
Arrested Development - Season 3
Tony Hale
Our Price: $17.99
All the Stars and Boulevards
Our Price: $9.99

Episode 11

Bill's first guests were Bryan Barber, director of the Prohibition-era film Idlewild, and Macy Gray, who clearly relished her role in the film as a madam. He then spoke to author Augusten Burroughs about Running with Scissors, his bestselling memoir about insanity, alcoholism, and abuse that was recently adapted to the silver screen. In an interlude from Buffalo, New York, Peter Frampton dropped by a salon to hand-deliver a couple of CDs to an overjoyed beautician who returned the favor with a manicure. Back on the Amazon Fishbowl set, Five for Fighting rocked the house with two tunes: the fresh, melodic "The Riddle" and the megahit "A Hundred Years."
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Featured Titles from Episode 11

Bryan Barber and Macy Gray
Running with Scissors
Augusten Burroughs
Our Price: $11.20
Frampton Comes Alive
Peter Frampton
Our Price: $19.97
Two Lights
Five for Fighting
Our Price: $13.97

Episode 10

Bill settled down with comedian Jeffrey Ross to discuss Ross's camcorder documentary of his USO tour of Iraq, Patriot Act. Ross, Drew Carey, and several other comics offered the troops "a distraction from the destruction," as they made troops laugh in "isolated bases where even reporters don't go." Bill then had a spirited exchange with his next guest, journalist Thomas Ricks, on his harder take on the Iraq war, detailed in Ricks's bestselling book, Fiasco. In another part of Hollywood, the soulful Smokey Robinson made a UPS Special Delivery of his new CD to a star-struck customer who couldn't wait to welcome him in. And back in the studio, flaxen-haired songstress Jewel wowed the audience with two numbers from her new album, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland.
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Featured Titles from Episode 10

Patriot Act
Jeffrey Ross
Our Price: $11.16
Timeless Love
Smokey Robinson
Our Price: $9.97
Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Our Price: $13.99

Episode 9

To start this show, Bill asked Holly, Kendra, and Bridget--Hugh Hefner's trio of platinum-blond girlfriends--about their life in the Playboy Mansion. Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex authors Mark Leyner and Dr. Billy Goldberg were next at Bill's desk, where they explained some of the mysteries of the male anatomy. In Palm Beach, Florida, James Patterson made a UPS Special Delivery of his latest murder mystery to a customer who was "utterly amazed." And Los Lonely Boys finished the show with their unique brand of "Texican rock and roll."
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Featured Titles from Episode 9

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?
Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg
Our Price: $11.16
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
Our Price: $19.99
Beach Road
James Patterson
Our Price: $18.45
Los Lonely Boys
Our Price: $10.97

Episode 8

Director Ivan Reitman was first in the Fishbowl, talking about his "high-concept" films--Ghostbusters, Dave, and, most recently, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which Bill characterized as "X-Men meets Fatal Attraction." First-time novelist Keith Donohue then revealed the dark origins of his critically acclaimed book The Stolen Child, which chronicles the lives of a boy stolen by fairies and the changeling who replaces him in the human world. In our UPS Special Delivery, Del McCoury and his band burst out of the back of a delivery van and into a rousing bluegrass number as they delivered their new CD to a fan who was grinning ear-to-ear. Back in the studio, Bill welcomed Soul Asylum's return from an eight-year hiatus before they rocked the stage with a new tune and their famous hit "Runaway Train."
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Featured Titles from Episode 8

The Stolen Child
Keith Donohue
Our Price: $16.29
The Promised Land
Del McCoury Band
Our Price: $16.98
The Silver Lining
Soul Asylum
Our Price: $14.99

Episode 7

On this episode of Amazon Fishbowl, Bill asked renegade documentarian Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) about his adventures living on minimum wage, eating nothing but McDonald's, and spending a month in jail (not all at once). Next, Kathy Reichs--forensic anthropologist, mystery novelist, and inspiration for the hit series Bones--weighed in on why America is "crime and corpse crazy." The UPS Special Delivery featured chef Paula Deen bringing her new cookbook, a key lime pie, and a hefty dose of Southern charm to the door of an customer in Savannah. Finally, singer-songwriter Daniel Powter talked to Bill about his hit song "Bad Day" and wowed the crowd with his elastic voice and infectious '70s-influenced rock.
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Featured Titles from Episode 7

30 Days
Morgan Spurlock
Our Price: $17.99
Break No Bones
Kathy Reichs
Our Price: $17.13
The Lady & Sons Just Desserts
Paula Deen
Our Price: $16.32
Daniel Powter
Daniel Powter
Our Price: $13.99

Episode 6

Filmmaker Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith rapped with Bill about the long-awaited sequel to Clerks and the reason he provides people with too much information about his personal life. ("Because they ask," of course.) Bill then asked The Omnivore's Dilemma author Michael Pollan to tell the audience "how evil corn is," and he happily obliged, relaying some frightening statistics to back up his assertion that "we are the corniest people on earth." The UPS Special Delivery had Ron Isley serenading a giddy lifelong fan as he personally handed her the copy of Baby Makin' Music she ordered from And things wound down with the Indigo Girls' evocative performance of two folk-rock numbers from their latest album, Despite Our Differences.
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Featured Titles from Episode 6

Clerks II
Kevin Smith
The Omnivore's Dilemma
Michael Pollan
Our Price: $16.17
Baby Makin' Music
Ronald Isley
Our Price: $13.98
Despite Our Differences
Indigo Girls
Our Price: $13.99

Episode 5

Teri Hatcher was first in Bill's hot seat, revealing bits of her life as a single mom also chronicled in her memoir, Burnt Toast (he assured her she's too hot for anyone to think she's really desperate). He then interviewed Annabelle Gurwitch, whose book and documentary (both titled Fired!) dwell on the universal experience of being canned and the feelings of loserdom that follow. Next, Cesar Millan hand-delivered Cesar's Way to an customer trying to tame her rambunctious pup. Finally, 11-time Grammy Award winner Linda Ronstadt and Anne Savoy harmonized beautifully on "Walk Away, Renee" and "Too Old to Die Young." Between numbers they sparred with Bill on the American South and Las Vegas.
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Featured Titles from Episode 5

Burnt Toast
Teri Hatcher
Our Price: $18.21
Annabelle Gurwitch
Our Price: $15.56
Adieu False Heart
Linda Ronstadt and Anne Savoy
Our Price: $12.97
Cesar's Way
Cesar Millan
Our Price: $16.47

Episode 4

Bill Maher kicked off the June 22 show with an interview with Janet Evanovich about her wildly popular mystery novels starring "hot chick bounty hunter" Stephanie Plum. Next up were director Frank Coraci and actor Henry Winkler, chatting about the Adam Sandler comedy Click--a high-tech, 21st-century update of It's a Wonderful Life. Then music legend T Bone Burnett crooned two tunes from his heartfelt new album, The True False Identity, and conversed with Bill on everything from the Eagles to agnosticism. This week's UPS Special Delivery featured Jim Cramer personally dropped off a copy of Real Money and some hot stock tips to an awed novice investor ("boo-yeahs" are also exchanged).
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Featured Titles from Episode 4

Twelve Sharp
Janet Evanovich
Our Price: $17.79
Frank Coraci and Henry Winkler
The True False Identity
T Bone Burnett
Our Price: $14.99
Real Money
Jim Cramer
Our Price: $17.16

Episode 3

On this episode of Amazon Fishbowl, Bill Maher interviewed Oscar winner and "method director" Sydney Pollack about his diverse filmography, which includes Out of Africa, The Firm, and the new documentary Sketches of Frank Gehry. He also spoke with road-tripping journalist Chuck Klosterman about pop divas and Killing Yourself to Live, an account of Klosterman's pilgrimage to the death sites of rock stars. The "dreamy" band Taking Back Sunday gave a spirited performance of songs from their new pop-punk record Louder Now, and singer Wayne Coyne surprised a couple of Flaming Lips superfans in his hometown of Oklahoma City with a UPS Special Delivery of At War with the Mystics.
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Featured Titles from Episode 3

Sketches of Frank Gehry
Sydney Pollack
Killing Yourself to Live
Chuck Klosterman
Our Price: $11.20
Louder Now
Taking Back Sunday
Our Price: $12.99
At War with the Mystics
Flaming Lips
Our Price: $12.99

Episode 2

Delayed adulthood was a recurring topic on the June 8 Amazon Fishbowl, as Bill Maher spoke to actor Jon Favreau (The Break-Up) about grown-up buddies, and then to Rejuvenile author Christopher Noxon about the cultural phenomenon of adults acting like children (and kids acting like brats). Bill also interviewed singer-songwriter Josh Ritter, who performed two songs from his album The Animal Years. And author Thomas Friedman made a UPS Special Delivery of his book The World Is Flat to an Amazon customer in Washington, D.C.
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Featured Titles from Episode 2

Christopher Noxon
Our Price: $17.96
The Break-Up
Jon Favreau
The Animal Years
Josh Ritter
Our Price: $13.99
The World Is Flat
Thomas Friedman
Our Price: $17.99

Episode 1

Performing two songs from their latest No. 1 album and chatting with host Bill Maher about their continued success, the Dixie Chicks kicked off the regular season of Amazon Fishbowl. On this premiere episode, Bill also interviewed Dean Koontz about his latest novel, The Husband, and talked to Ward Serrill and Darnellia Russell about their upcoming documentary, The Heart of the Game. And Steve Schirripa from The Sopranos made a UPS Special Delivery of his new book, The Goomba Diet: Living Large and Loving It.
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Featured Titles from Episode 1

The Husband
Dean Koontz
Our Price: $17.82
Taking the Long Way
Dixie Chicks
Our Price: $11.97
The Goomba Diet
Steve Schirripa
Our Price: $17.94
The Heart of the Game
Ward Serrill and Darniella Russell

Pilot Episode

Filmed live in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival, the pilot episode featured a musical performance by Grammy Award-winning musician Rob Thomas and an interview with bestselling author Stephen King. Bill also talked to screenwriter Armistead Maupin about the new film adaptation of his novel The Night Listener. And actor Paul Reiser made a UPS Special Delivery to a Los Angeles customer who had pre-ordered The Thing About My Folks.
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Featured Titles from the Pilot Episode

The Cell
Stephen King
Our Price: $17.79
Something to Be
Rob Thomas
Our Price: $14.99
The Night Listener
Armistead Maupin
Our Price: $11.90
The Thing About My Folks
Paul Reiser
Our Price: $12.99

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