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Was 9/11 "Keymaster" Willie Rodriguez part of ABM Media Fakery Crew?

Submitted by ewing2001 on Mon, 2007-06-04 09:02.

Was 9/11 "Keymaster" Willie Rodriguez part of ABM Media Fakery Crew?
plus 7 'perp alerts'

by ewing2001
June 04, 2007


The so called "hero" status of 9/11 "Keymaster" Willie Rodriguez is slowly breaking apart.
As it turns out, Rodriguez officially worked for the very same security company,
which is also connected to the never ending chain of evidence for 9/11 tv-, video- and media fakery: ABM.

As you can see below, one particular 9/11 footage clearly reveals that an apparent employee of ABM (American Building Maintenance) is not filmed on the streets, but 'chromakeyed' into the scenery.

[you will also notice that the background is moving in opposite rhythm to the guys own movements.
Other actors had been recently re-analysed by 9/11 video researchers and even TV Hosts had been outed to be in the studio instead on a roof, prepped with fake telephones and studio fans,
see also parody mashup at mixmonsta.com

Many 9/11 tv fakery researchers speculated if this 'ABM worker' could have been hired or deceived into a pre-9/11 or 'on the fly' terror exercise from which media perps picked the footage and pasted it together for their own purpose. With this scenario the guy would have been actually just a passive tool and never question his own motives.

Whether this guy really worked for ABM or functioned either as a terror exercise actor or an infiltrator isn't really important.

More interestingly, Rodriguez own obscure story has to be seen in a new light,
when looking closer into the background of ABM.

Luke S. Helms, Managing Director of ABM, is also Vice Chairman of Bank America Corporation and Bank of America (since May 1993).


However Bank of America is also the main sponsor of CameraPlanet which was officially responsible for collecting all the amateur 9/11 footage from Ground Zero, while all others had been confiscated on the morning by FEMA, FBI, Secret Service and co:

May 30, 2006
The 500 Hours of 9/11 (originally released in VillageVoice NYC)

"...his collection is the largest asset of his dormant television production company, CameraPlanet, and Mr. Rosenbaum is working out an agreement with the Bank of America, the company's primary lender..."

It appears to be obvious that it wasn't a big deal to doctor this footage and add additional aircraft CGI's into it or leak complete sets, possibly produced by a proto type of a military multimedia system called FCS, which obviously also was in charge of the military WESCAM/L3 cameras for the choppers on that morning.

Rosenbaum's own background is actually interesting as well.

Like William Rodriguez, he *also* was a "magician" and is proud to mention this in his own bio.
Meanwhile he's running his own video portal called
Magnify.net, where he hooked up with Scott Milener, a veteran in the internet scene.

He developed the first PDAs for Apple and also formerly led Business Development at Enuvis, Inc. which was aquired by SiRF Technologies, Inc., a military contractor of companies like Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc.

Rockwell is also specialized in directed energy weaponry.

Years before 9/11, Rockwell had been already part of a US Army Contract Consortium, working together with Teledyne, Applied Physics Laboratory, Booz-Allen Hamilton, Kaman Sciences and many others on 'Anti-Satellite Weapons' and the DoD High Energy Laser System Test Facility at White Sands, NM (together with Lockheed, TRW; Hughes; Los Alamos and the MIT).

Rodriguez is part of the Orwellian Top Axis of the so called 9/11 'Truth' Movement, who is speaking out against evidence on 'space beams' and 'no-planes' at the same time, while never explaining their own obscure agenda which is clouded behind some doublespeak meme of "re-investigations" and statements against "damages of the movement".

The list of damning points against William Rodriguez seems to have exponentially increased in the last few months.

Recently it has been revealed that Rodriguez apparently also sabotaged an appearance of Professor Judy Wood into "TheView" (Rosie O'Donnell).

He also leaked misinformation about Charlie Sheen to the NY POST, by claiming Sheen was booked as a narrator of 'Loose Change FC' which happened to be in the same protest week when O'Donnell received a DVD on evidence of 9/11 TV Fakery.

Sheen actually denied the claim he was officially booked by Loose Change, but also didn't rule out he wasn't interested.

Rodriguez was also part of a dog and pony show between him and Alex "Scientology" Jones about this leak, who claimed that this was treated as some secret marketing gig.

Let's summarize on Rodriguez:

Perp Alert #1

William Rodriguez confirmed in his own bio, that he was actually working as an "assistant" for MindOP specialist James Randi.

Rodriguez used the stage name "Roudy", still part of his email handle.

Randi's JREF Forum is meanwhile organizing 'flagwaver' attacks against the 9/11 Truthlings, mostly influenced by 911truth.org, 911blogger.com and LooseChange.

According to Scoop.nz, Rodriguez used to work for Governor Cuomo, which helped him to become a high ranking janitor on the twin towers building, though he never explained why he was supposed to be the only janitor in a 50,000 employees complex.

Perp Alert #2

Already during 2003/04, when Rodriguez promoted his own story to the "9/11 Truth Movement",
he embedded a trojan of the official story of 9/11 by claiming he saw one of the alleged 'hijackers' in the Twin Towers.
Rodriguez claimed, the 9/11 Panel wasn't interested in his testimony.

If one carefully analyses Rodriguez' statements, there is actually nothing at all in it,
which points on a false-flag operation.
Rodriguez hero status in that context is similar as such from Sibel Edmonds, who actually has nothing productive to say at all which point on any false-flag evidence.
Actually it is the opposite:
Negligence and confirmation of the official conspiracy theory which has Bin Laden as a mastermind.

Rodriguez is here also playing every sides in a very calculated mindOP, carefully controlling his language and make sure to never use the words "inside job" or "false flag", if microphones are rolling;

Also Rodriguez' so called vague witness reports about explosions prior the destruction of the Twin Towers had been already promoted at a time, when everyone was already able to download footage from the Internet or watch the earliest copies of LooseChange I.

Was Rodriguez' hero status scripted for the most important mole of the "9/11 Truth Movement?"

An audio transcript of Port Authority radio recordings reveals, that Rodriguez was actually not in charge at all of the rescue actions, but some unknown 'male' supervisor of ABM:

"...After the north tower was attacked, an ABM supervisor frantically tried to gather all the porters at a location away from the towers. Rodriguez was working on the rescue in the K elevator car:

Male: I want all ABM porters to meet me at Church and Liberty by Brooks Brothers...
... Male: Willy, I want you to go right to Church Street and Liberty! Get to Liberty and Broadway!
Willy: You got it. (PA transcript 049, WTC Ch. 28 – Radio Channel Y – Operations, Page 10)..."

Perp Alert #3

Ironically 'flagwaver' Mark Roberts continued to analyse these transcripts and came to the conclusion
that Rodriguez's timeline is [completely] wrong

Among many other inconsistencies of Rodriguez' own hero story this is a significant one:

"...Rodriguez claims to have been near the 39th floor when he heard a radio announcement of a collapse on the 65th floor.

When I got to the 39th floor, from the opposite staircase…police officer David Lim came up with two firemen. And as we were talking about what was going to be our next move, we hear BOOM! The impact on the other tower. And it was so hard that our building oscillated so much, that we lost, practically, our footing. And all of a sudden we hear “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! And on the radio, “We lost 65!” Meaning that the 65th floor collapsed..." Source

As reported by many sources in the north tower, this announcement came after ten o'clock, not after 9:03.

After 10:00: WTC 1 - A firefighter, possibly from Ladder 3, reports over the radio a collapse on a floor in the 60’s. It is the highest floor reported as being reached in the building. NIST NCSTAR 1-8, p. 223..."

Pushing the argument aside, that Mark Roberts would spread this analysis to 'harm the movement' because of *being a shill*, this string of logic doesn't make sense at all.
Why would a 'shill' sacrifice the most important manipulator of the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Fact is, Roberts didn't make anything up and is actually just a regular "patriot" (though blindsided on the general evidence of Controlled Demolition), but his detailed timeline analysis of Rodriguez reveals factually a fraud which everyone can figure easily by himself.

Perp Alert #3

During 2004/05 Rodriguez infiltrated the staff of Jimmy Walter, who was one of the very first mega activists, pushing the conventional evidence of 'Controlled Demolition' into mainstream media.

Walter was actually also open minded on the probability of exoW (exotic weaponry) of any kind for the use of destroying the Twin Towers.
He invited Professor Jeff King at the very same time into a major event, when other saboteurs like Nic Levis manipulated the same event.
Levis was formerly with 911truth.org who sabotaged for years scientific evidence of 9/11 false-flag
and infiltrated ny911truth.org with NSA-Culster Les "Urantia" Jamieson.

When Walter also opened up on the evidence of 9/11 TV Fakery, Rodriguez backstabbed him and discredited his personality.
Even years later Rodriguez followed him to Walter's own event in Tokyo, Japan and manipulated the audience on the 'no-planes' research.

During the 2006 anniversary of 9/11, Rodriguez sided with disinfo artist Dave "Pod" v.Kleist and spoke out against the so called 'no-planers'.

At that time, Rodriguez was already accepted by a majority of Orwellian Doublethinkers in the 9/11 'Truth' Movemenet, which weren't able to see through this scam, which once started with handshakes of Bush, then an offered career as a 'senator' (Rodriguez occasionally tells this story to his audience), then with obscure visits to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, who actually is in business cohuts with Russia.

During early 2007 Rodriguez booked himself into a british PR tour and had amazing connections with BBC.
His final station was actually in Ireland, at former 'no-planer' Morgan Stack, who never really explained why he backed up from that position, instead decided to run for Irish Congress -then failed and "retired" in the typical psyOP attitude like once Mike Ruppert.

Perp Alert #4

According to one version one Rescue 'Victim' of Rodriguez
was "...Salvatore Giambanco, a WTC office painter..."

However, another bio links 'Salvatore Giambanco' to PayPal, KPMG and TechONE (a Boeing Customer).
Which one is the real one and why isn't there any photo of Giambanco available?

Rodriguez other 'rescue victim' Felipe David was ironically working for Aramark Co.,
the very same company which is also linked to 9/11 panel head Thomas Kean.

Kean serves on the corporate board of Aramark,
which also provides food and support services for the Pentagon (18,000 customers daily),
prior and after 9/11.

Actually ABM and Aramark Corporation have also a close business relationship together with ISS Energy Services.

Was something staged or rigged to manipulate Rodriguez into a hero status and then becoming a useful tool?
And if so, are these manipulators among the staff of ABM and Aramark?

Even if Rodriguez is himself not aware of his manipulative status, it has to be seen as very suspicious as why he's such an outspoken critic against the evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery, though always pointed out, that he never heard or saw by himself a plane hitting any building on the morning of 9/11.

Better pick the 'spook card' instead ;

Perp Alert #5

ABM isn't just an average "janitor" service.
It is a very successful security service, which is also linked to Homeland Security
and U.S. Intelligence, once with the same status like Wackenhut and others,
but especially since 9/11 now much higher ranked.

Perp Alert #6

Rodriguez has much more (international) media connections than Professor Griffin, Steven E Jones and Jim Fetzer together, and most of them have military background:

Telemundo is part of the NBC Universal division of General Electric, a major defense contractor,
also among for Los Alamos, Steven E Jones' former connection.

Rodriguez used to run a Hispanic Victims Group of September 11th and also received a National Hero Award from the Senate of Puerto Rico.

However in reality Rodriguez seemed to have exploited his "hero status" for an International Career of
some latino spokesman which actually works into some obscure political racism-, mindOp and immigration agenda.

Rodriguez, once also hired for a latino tv show, appears to be a tool to trigger specific hatred against U.S. Latinos, which works also into the agenda of Neocons, Lou Dobbs and Co.

Rodriguez' Organisation actually coined the meme of "undocumented Hispanic workers killed in the attacks".

What are "undocumented Hispanic Workers" and what makes them different from any other unknown killed nationalities in the Twin Towers? Why was this pointed out?

What kind of PsyOP does Rodriguez really run and who is pulling his strings?

Why also is he so much into the 9/11 Air Issue and often sound like a motivational speaker?

Why did he really back up from Phil Berg's RICO Lawsuit
or was this some part of false-hope propaganda anyway?

Why did he contradict himself so many times at which particular time he arrived at the North Tower?
Was it 8:30 or later? And why does a Top Janitor arrive at this late time at all anyway?

Who owned the other four master-keys of the Twin Towers and who is actually the source for this claim?

Where do his connections to Singapore and Malaysia come from?

Why did he announce to visit Iran at the same time, when some Iranian Minister implied some support of 9/11 TV Fakery evidence?

Perp Alert #7

Rodriguez reached more tv viewers worldwide than Rosie O'Donnell and FOX TV together.

This extreme latino telecommunication connection of William Rodriguez has also actually to be seen
in both an economical and military context.

Latin America is actually a major developer of Media Satellites but also part of Spain's AENA and Hispasat and the "Latino Coalition", who had been responsible for the Sirius-XM merger.

These satellite systems are directly linked into Galileo, which is not only inofficially but also recently officially linked to the European StarWars System, the very same Military Project and internet mapping and zoning project, Rodriguez is denying in connection with 9/11.

(Galileo is also linked to Russia. President Vladimir Putin recently expressed, how their own military GPS System Glonass will be integrated into the project.
At the same time Putin also spoke out against the European U.S. StarWars dpt. in the NATO.
The StarWars Program never actually rested since Reagan and was integrated under Clinton into the MDA= Missile Defence Agency, since 9/11 ignored by U.S. Media though actively improved since then, also
with help of private military contractors like TRW)
Last year China *responded* successfully on the US StarWars Project with a Satellite-Missile Shutdown.

The 9/11 Truth Movement declared the existance of StarWars as a "conspiracy theory", though everyone can read business reports about it in Financial Times)
http://www.miamiherald.com/news/world/AP/story/121012.html )

http://www.bloglines.com/preview?siteid=6120684&itemid=3512 (Europe confirmed own StarWars System)

Telefutura Network, where Rodriguez used to appear as well, is part of he Univision Television Group.
Univision is part of the Cisneros Group of Companies, an aggressive competitor with US Media Satellites and Television Content.

They also own Movida Communications Group Inc., the first pay-as-you-go wireless communications service specifically targeting Hispanics living in the U.S., Claxson Interactive Group Inc. (XSON), an integrated Ibero-American media and entertainment company; DIRECTV Latin America, a direct-to-home satellite TV provider with operations across the region; CervecerE a Regional, the second-largest brewery and beer distributor in Venezuela; and Pueblo, one of the leading supermarket chains in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Cisneros' military connections are linked via Hughes Electronics but also with close friendships with David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Washington lawyer Vernon Jordan.

Rodriguez claims to be a pacifist, but his ignorance proves the opposite.
Denying a threat which constellates US, Russia and China into WW4/5 is a pro war attitude,
which can only be described as the attitude of a "WarCriminal", especially if someone represents major organisations which reach millions of supporters.

Rodriguez also supports other WarCriminals like Professor Steven E Jones, who is linked to multiple development, research and cover-up of exoticWeaponry like Directed Energy, weaponized ColdFusion, AntiMatter Weaponry (TRIUMF Vancouver, British Columbia), Sonolumiscence and NeutrinoWeaponry (KEK, Tsukuba, Japan).

Jones' most obscure link is actually some research on the so called "latino jesus".
It appears that this obsession was recreated with Willi Rodriguez, who is often potrayed as the 'son' of David Ray Griffin, yet another multiple Cultist with deep connections into China (Panexperimentalism).

Noone actually knows, how Rodriguez was able to create an exclusive web design group, who is updating his websites 24/7, as also his own myspace website (among his best friends are the "Real Mel Gibson Page" ?), which let him look like this below.

One has to look very carefully to notice a secret message.
The painting data file by Kurt Kroeck (the german actor? from 'Saints and Soldiers'?) is "indexed" as 'final'.

What does this mean? Is Rodriguez some 'chosen one' or less spectacular,
will run for U.S. President? ;)

[Roudy vs. Rudy]

see also:

Paris Hilton feat. Nuremberg Trial: "Arrest 9/11 Loose Change and William Rodriguez!"
(RipOff 9/11 Jetset-Activism HotelMix)

May 21, 2007

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I have a video

Of another "guy" live at the scene that sounds exactly like WR. Same story, elevator door opened, lower level, guy with burned skin, helping save him. Amazing "coincidence". He worked there too. Perhaps they know each other or Willie saw this that day?

Yes. Killtown makes a good

Yes. Killtown makes a good point. Though the powerdowns or lack of them doesn't change the outcome, others who worked in the maintainance dept. could asked the same questions.

Anytime a ringer is found, we need to re-check their stories.

Does WR have anyone to back up his claims?

This sheds light on Jimmy Walters suddenly going dark--he must have figured out WR's "dual" reason for speaking around the world--to snuff the TV fakery flame......

Very Good Point, KT

Raudy also played the victim, pointing out that he was "just" a "janitor" and acting offended as though those questioning him and his role had some class bias or class reason for it.

As though Nico were picking on someone who is weak.

Did any of his buddies from the job there survive?

What a Shill!

Well, if this acusation is true, it shows the lengths a "shill" will go to in order to support a disinformation campaign.

I'm not talking about William Rodriguez here, I'm talking about Phillipe David.

I mean, seirously, his masters in the forces of darkness must have been hi-fiving him and pinning black medals on his bandages when he finally came out of the coma.

It's some devotion to duty - deliberatley burning all the skin off your arms and large parts of your face and putting your self in a coma, just so you can confirm the false story that William helped him out of the building after he'd been caught in the basement explosion.

What a guy!

Perp Alert #8

Only a perp "truther" would go around the world and attack other 9/11 conspiracy theories:

"Only two things you got right, that I have been all over the world attacking the theories of both, the no-plane and the exotic weapons." - Roudy

A real truther would go around the world and just attack the offical story.

you're just the top o the pops aren't u ?

"Hey I tried to stop several years ago and have been totally flooded with requests, this article may even help me more and also may use it as part of my presentation like I am doing with Robert's one. I am also planning to stop this year because I am tired of traveling and "researchers" like you."

feel free to quote me. i have researched, rather than telling people what i didn't see.

when you say you 'heard the plane hit'
what exactly does a plane vanishing silently into a facade sound like?. especially since it never happened before?. why wouldn't it sound like another explosion?. you see willy, it's logically flawed. if my roof exploded today i'm not sure the first thing i would think is that a plane flew into it.

i'm not sure where you're coming from, but you're just selling a story, and most people aint buying.

when the perps accuse arabs of placing bombs in the basement and you go along with it, and they kill more people over it, just remember, their blood is on your hands , not mine....

Roudy said there were multi "power-downs" in the WTC per year

directly contradicting Scott Forbes' claim that the power-down he went through the weekend before 9/11 was "unprecedented".

Who should we believe?

Response on PatScrew Loose 'review'

I'm actually too busy to deal with 'Roudy' right now,
therefore i might write something tomorrow about his "response".

Of course the *review* of my article by Pat/ScrewLoose is *much more* interesting and a little bit disappointing, lol ;)

Since we both agree that Mark Roberts obviously did some good job of debunking William Rodriguez' testimony,
i refer now to the last paragraph of Pat at

Pat claims that i wrote that Rodriguez "may have been planted as disinformation tool prior to 9-11".

Actually i didn't point that out.
When referring to his bio i actually didn't come to any conclusion, what kind of concept the personality of Rodriguez revealed "prior 9/11" so i can only speculate about that point, which i didn't do at all in that article.
Rosalee Grable has actually some interesting point on that matter here ;

I barely use the word "disinformation" anymore in the last few months, because it seems to be an Orwellianized word as well.

However reflecting into the past i did an exception in my latest article and used this label for Dave v. Kleist, which of course is "old school disinfo", therefore the label might still match.

In case of reality tv 'actor' Muslim 'Roudy' the definition of "disinfo" doesn't really make sense , because there isn't even much 'info' in what he has to say, which is why i compared him more to Sibel Edmonds than people which f.i. oppose scientific laws.

I also don't use the word "agent" anymore since last year because the word is also misleading imo.

In a logical sense, i described myself as a "cognitive agent" last year because i think this is what researchers do:

Collecting information and facts to build some evidence for an argument and find a way to decentralize their re-organized information.
This is also what the Internet was designed for, to create *unpaid* work.

In this case, most of the better 9/11 researchers are *cognitive agents", which is a positive skill, not an Insult.

Rodriguez on the other hand is no researcher *at all* and is spreading instead the average drivel of commanding others to "do some research".

I call these truthlings the bootcamplings;

Using the word "paranoia" is an often given by misled flagwavers but actually i feel more patriotic than most of the flagwavers.
Therefore this definition doesn't add up at all for me.

First of all it implies an insult.

I'm neither driven by excessive anxiety or fear,
neither i am driven by irrationality or delusion.

The word "paranoia" is therefore slightly Orwellianized as well though the average doublethink of Pat is much more softened than that of 9/11 Truthlings at 911blogger, LooseChange FanClub or the JimHoffman Clan.

It's plausible that the majority of brainwashed Doublethink 9/11 truthlings is 'driven by anxiety', but i think more realistically is actually that they have no brain at all and it's too butterized to create any clear thought at all.

Therefore i appreciate this kind of "review"-communication with Pat which is more constructive than on message boards which get censored like 911blogger or the british 9/11 forum. [i didn't check out "911grigger" today, therefore i have no clue, if the Roddy fanclub had something to say about the article as well ]

"Latino Jesus" on the other hand shows some weakness because he's apparently frustrated that he has no forum to censor, to escape from the argument.

Roudy's answer instead contains some psychological threat refering to some "balls" or "guts" which may have been inspired by the MikeRuppert/JohnAlbanese 'lawsuit school'.

It's actually confusing because it doesn't make much sense to me, if someone who's running a PR campaign which let him appear more *asexual* and of that kind of 'holy' personality, why he all for a sudden switches to some "John Wayne attitude".

Or maybe that's the deal because John Wayne was an actor as well and not really a macho ;

What's so cool about making a statement on alleged "slander" when Roudy isn't even able to point out,
which alleged false claim i brought forward?

Then again it's the typical attitude of Ruppertlings to claim that there was some alleged slander while they continue to spread their own lies.

It's also interesting that Roudy has a lot of time on his hand to deal with my article.
Would he really bother if based on false assumptions or flaws?

On that note, maybe more tomorrow or maybe not.

...i will throw a coin ;

PS: I'm also disappointed (; -) that Pat didn't like my mashup at

9/11 Planehuggers are UN-American ! feat. PatScrewLoose + Jason Who? (Zoom-O-Mat Memorial Mix) (ewing2001)

9/11 Planehuggers are UN-American ! feat. PatScrewLoose + Jason Who? (Zoom-O-Mat Memorial Mix)

internet bufoon

Oh no, "Nicko", it's Internet buffoon Willi Rosdrifuez. We are doomed. You know, the guy who was able to determine that a jet airliner had hit the 90th floor -- from sub-basement 5, while he was rescuing people with their skin hanging off.

"You think you're some kind of VIP, huh? A leader in your community? What community is that?"

The undocumented hispanics undoubtably Rick.

PS/ Hiya Izzy, long time. Good to see you!
PPS/ LOL Zark - The Librarian!

Humpdee-Dumpdee Had a Great Fall

It always bothered me to hear WR repeat with emphasis that the "plane hit" after the basement explosion....no qualifier, or allowance for the delay of the sound traveling (the explosions were simultaneous to mask the ones below ground level) --and his consistent taking the position of protecting the media fakery, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In the perps successful efforts to control the opposition, I believe that:

a) All positions of leadership in the 9/11 Truth movement are occupied by pro-perpetrators;

b) There are more government shills than authentic activists at meetings, and their continued existance only serves to promote the government's need to muddle information.

c) The only speakers permitted at conferences are shills, or do the work of shills, and who will do the government's bidding.

d) At this point, I have to view anyone who's done any checking, and moderately informed, and still expresses that that real planes flew that day, is either still brainwashed or connected to the USG.

The scientific evidence is so staggering that video analysis isn't even needed.

Good work, ewing..... I have a few other suspicious candidates for "Traitor of the Week".

malaprop aka izzy

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