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Judith A. Resnik biography at

Remembering Judy Resnik, my friend - by Peggy Gawiser Shecket

Debbie Mauldin Cottrell's article in the Online Handbook Of Texas

Article by Seymour Brody

Page about Mike Mullane's book "Riding Rockets" (including a description of the 1978 class TFNG T-shirt designed by Judy Resnik)

Jason Lamberton's page explains Judith Resnik's love for the deaf

Article about STS 41-D mission (including Judith Resnik's successful solar array experiments)

Judy Resnik appeared at Akron Roundtable on October 18, 1984

Space Quote of the Month - January - February 2003

Senator John Glenn: Memorial Service for Judith Resnik (Firestone High School, Akron, Ohio, February 3, 1986)

A very nice farewell for Judith A. Resnik written by artist Robert A.M. Stephens

Flowers left for Judy Resnik at

Following the Challenger accident, Judith Arlene Resnik's bravery was noted on several stamps - article by Dr. Murray Frost

Judy Resnik's T-38 flightsuit was exhibited in memory of her at Johnson Space Center's Astronaut Gallery (Houston)

Today's position of Asteroid 3356 Resnik (click on 3356 Resnik to obtain star chart and right ascension and declination data)

A detailed asteroid finder chart can be generated at the Lowell Observatory ASTFINDER page. In field Asteroid name type in Resnik and click Find Objects

Crater Resnik on the Moon (Wikipedia)

Crater Resnik on Venus

Institutions carrying Judy Resnik's name:

Link - Judith A. Resnik Center for Women's Health (Akron, Ohio)

Link - Judith A. Resnik Community Learning Center - Resnik CLC (Akron, Ohio)

Link - Judith A. Resnik Elementary School (Gaithersburg, Maryland)


Scholarships and Awards:

Link - CMU: The Judith Resnik Challenger Scholarships for Women

Link - IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award

Link - SWE Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship

Link - University of Maryland: Judith Resnik Memorial Fellowship

Link - Women's Network: Judith A. Resnik Scholarship Fund (PDF)



Michael T. Downs' (NASA) 51-L MPEG Movie Archive:
Video Judith A. Resnik participating in SMS simulation ( 609 KB):
Video Judith A. Resnik at KSC , STS 51-L crew arrival (1215 KB):

- Additionally, Judy Resnik appears several times on 1985 IMAX movie The Dream is alive (DVD, 36 min.)



Judith Resnik: Challenger Astronaut

by Joanne E. Bernstein, Rose Blue, Alan Jay Gerber

ISBN: 0525673059



NASA pictures of astronaut Judith Resnik:

NASA Image - First Female Astronaut Candidates. Taking a break from the various training exercises (1978)

NASA Image - First Class of Female Astronauts (1979)



Additional pictures of astronaut Judy Resnik:

External Image - Judy Resnik autograph at (1978)

External Image - The 1978 astronaut class T-shirt designed by Judy Resnik

External Image - Judith Resnik Astronaut Training Photographs (1978)

External Image - Astronaut Judith Resnik in white spacesuit (1979)

External Image - Astronauts Judy Resnik and Mike Mullane (1984)

External Image - Judith A. Resnik describing robot arm operations procedures (1985)

External Image - Judith A. Resnik and crew mates assembled for a portrait in the payload bay of a shuttle training module (1985)

External Image - Judy Resnik (1985)




Space Shuttle Mission Patches STS 41-D and STS 51-L



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