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Reclaim Our History

July 21. 1877: Militia in Pittsburgh kill 26 striking railroad workers; workers burn yards, drive troops from city, as what originally had been a wildcat strike by West Virginia railroad workers turns into a wave of nationwide strikes and confrontations with police. 1992: 15,000 march in silent vigil after murder of anti-Mafia leader, Milan, Italy.

July 22. 1917: Oil industry in Tampico, Mexico, shut down by successful IWW action. 1992: Month-long hunger strike of women against the Mafia begins, Palermo, Sicily.

July 23. 1917: Birth of feminist, lesbian, pacifist, and civil rights activist Barbara Deming. 1983: Mass protest of US cruise missile tests in Canadian sub-Arctic. Cold Lake, Alberta.

July 24. 1929: Pres. Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war. 1988: 10,000 people form a human chain for a cleaner North Sea, West Germany.

July 25. 1867: Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" first appears in Germany. 1963: Police arrest 23 young blacks in a sit-in at Seattle City Council chambers protesting appointment of only two blacks to the city's new Human Rights Commission.

July 26. 1833: Slavery abolished in all British dominions. 1965: Martin Luther King, Jr. leads protests against housing segregation, Chicago. 1990: Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) becomes law.

July 27. 1932: Two killed when US Army attacks an encampment of 20,000 WWI veterans gathered in Washington DC to demand bonus benefits. 1998: Over a thousand Indians blockade highway between Venezuela and Brazil to protest power line.

July 28. 1591: Anne Hutchinson banished from Boston because of her independent religious views. 1869: Women shoemakers found Daughters of St. Crispin, one of the earliest national women's unions, in Lynn, MA, to demand equal pay.

July 29. 1920: "No more war" demonstrations by disabled veterans, Germany, and in 80 towns throughout Britain. 1970: After a five-year strike, United Farm Workers sign contract with grape growers, California. 1990: US Ambassador April Gillespie hints to Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein that the Bush Administration has no objection to his plan to invade Kuwait.

July 30. 1863: President Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot. 1973: Grand Opening of Left Bank Books Collective, Seattle, WA. A split off from Red and Black Books Collective (before it had even opened).

July 31. 1939: Birth of Eleanor Smeal, feminist leader. 1969: A Moscow police chief reports that thousands of telephone booths have been made inoperable by thieves who have stolen phone parts in order to convert their acoustic guitars to electric.

Aug. 1. 1968: Court acquits sanctuary activist and reporter Demetria Martinez of conspiracy to smuggle aliens for her part in helping bring two Salvadoran women to the US to give birth. 1970: Puyallup Indians set up camp on Puyallup River and begin fishing to re-establish tribal fishing rights.

Aug. 2. 1776: US Declaration of Independence signed. 1931: Albert Einstein urges all scientists to refuse military work.

Aug. 3. 1905: Maggie Kuhn born, founder of Gray Panthers. 1931: Chicago eviction riots leave three dead; 60,000 march for anti-eviction laws. 1992: Germany begins dismantling non-nuclear weapons, fulfilling 1990 treaty.

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