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Facts About I-15 Reconstruction

(From UDOT and Wasatch Constructors)

  • The project stretches from 600 North to 10800 South
  • It includes approximately 16.5 miles of freeway
  • We'll be driving on new pavement by the fall of 1998! The 600 North overpass is scheduled to reopen by September.

    The finished product will include:

  • A wider corridor to include an additional "general purpose" lane, Utah's first carpool lane, and an auxiliary lane between ramps northbound and southbound.

  • Over 5 million cubic yards of fill material used to widen I-15 (about 360,000 dump truck loads).

  • 2.5 million square yards of concrete to replace existing pavement.

  • The complete replacement of more than 130 bridges.

  • A new downtown access at 400 South for traffic traveling to and from the north, and High Occupancy Vehicle traffic to and from the south.

  • A new I-15/I-80/SR-201 junction.

  • The reconstruction of the 500/600 South downtown access.

  • Improvements to the I-15/I-215 junction.

  • New cross-street interchanges at 10600, 9000, 7200, 5300, 4500 and 3300 South and 900 West on SR-201 (the 2100 South Freeway). New viaduct and interchange at 600 North.

  • Frontage road improvements.

  • Railroad grade separations at 9000, 9150 and 10600 South.

  • Every bridge, interchange and stretch of pavement will be removed and replaced with a modern freeway that will serve Utah's growing population into the 21st century.

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