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06/05 L.A. Rollins - The Myth of Natural Rights. Reviewed by Jorge Amador
Utilizing his own insights and liberal doses of citations from other writers, Rollins finds holes, contradictions, absurdities and vagueness in the written expositions of numerous natural-rights advocates.

05/12 Benjamin Tucker - The Bill for Justice: Who Should Pay It?
The moment that justice must be paid for by the victim of injustice it becomes itself injustice. But it also becomes injustice the moment that it is paid for by any one else, except the doer of the injustice. The cost of justice can be justly paid only by the invader. In cases where he cannot be made to pay, injustice is a necessity.

03/31 Eric Mack - Gauthier on Rights and Economic Rent (pdf)
The fact that Gauthier and Rawls invoke different principles- namely, minimax relative concession and the difference principle- for governing the division of the "social surplus" which society recaptures from the predatory claws of the talented does not ammount to a philosophical difference with regard to the rights of individuals over their own natural endownments.

01/22 Henry Appleton - "The Boston Anarchists"
One of these days Communism will be weeded out of Anarchism, and then thinking people will begin to recognize that the Boston Anarchists are the only school of modern sociologists who are in the line of true peace, progress, and good order.

08/22 Jan Narveson - Gauthier and Libertarianism

Gauthier's 'Reason and Maximization' made me realize that I was, basically, wrong, and he was, basically, right, about the foundations of morals. If morals are to be rational, they're going to have to be, in effect, the terms of a rational agreement among us all, and that agreement is propelled by our several interests and powers viewed as such, rather than as mere components of some grand social interest.

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