Bachman House

Click for Larger View     Address: 1244 W. Carmen Ave.
Year Built: 1947-48
Architect: Bruce Goff
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: December 9, 1992

Side Elevation Architect Bruce Goff created a neighborhood sensation in 1948, when he remodeled a modest wood house (built in 1889) into the home and studio for recording engineer Myron Bachman. The window openings were changed and an exterior cladding of brick and corrugated aluminum was added.

It remains a local attraction, as well as a nationally recognized example of work by one of architecture's most unique figures.

Roof Detail Much of Goff's architectural career was spent in Oklahoma, although he maintained a practice in Chicago from 1934 to 1942. Goff also designed the Turzak House, another Chicago Landmark.

The Modern Era
1.Front Elevation, by Robert Selby
2.Drawing of side elevation, by Bruce Goff
3.Roof Detail, photo by Bob Thall