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It is the mission of Capron Park Zoo to contribute to the preservation of species and ensure their survival for future generations through humane animal husbandry, education, captive breeding, and contributions to research.

For over half a century, the Capron Park Zoo has been a premiere recreational attraction in southern New England. We are proud to provide the public with educational programs and recreational activities dedicated to the understanding of animals from all over the world.

It is our goal to reach our visitors with the values of animal conservation, ecology awareness, and appreciation of all living things. We hope that our efforts will increase everyone's awareness and sensitivity in our community and beyond.

Larger Zoo Community Involvements
Most people have heard of, or even know quite a bit about, endangered species and environmental concerns. The Capron Park Zoo participates in many organizations and programs that seek to make a difference to the lives of animals and to ensure that future generations will learn from the mistakes of those of the past. Some of these organizations are:

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Association of Zoos and Aquariums
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The AZA's Species Survival Plan
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International Snow Leopard Trust
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The Animal Behavior Management Alliance

Coming soon we will have an additional page with details to highlight how the Capron Park Zoo and its affiliates are involved in the greater zoo community & the benefits this participation brings locally and abroad.

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