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The 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge

Noon to Noon.
Saturday August 27 to Sunday August 28

at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont

We challenge you to create a 24-page comic book
in 24 consecutive hours

We provide the coffee and workspace.
You provide the art and endurance.



The challenge is to create a complete 24-page comic book in 24 continuous hours.

That means everything: Story, finished art, lettering, paste-up, everything! Even proofreading has to occur in the 24-hour period. And you have to do it yourself: one comic per participant.

You don't have to be a good artist to participate. It's a lot of fun to do, even if you use stick figures to tell your story.

No sketches, designs, plot summaries or any other kind of direct preparation can precede the 24-hour period. Indirect preparation such as assembling tools, reference materials, food, and music is fine.

The 24-hour Comic Book Challenge is a challenge, not a contest. There are no winners or losers, just the honor of doing something amazing.

Stephen Bissette, nationally acclaimed artist of Swamp Thing and Tyrant, and one of the first people in history to complete a 24-hour comic book, will provide opening remarks and strategy tips.

Advance registration is requested so we know what to anticipate.
Register by emailing your name, age, snail mail address, email address
and phone number to
Please put "24-hour Comic Challenge* in the subject line of your email.

The 24-hour Comic Book Challenge was invented in 1990 by Scott McCloud, a leading comics theoretician and author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, when he challenged his friend and fellow comic artist Stephen Bissette to create a full, 24-page comic book-in 24 hours.

The Challenge is presented in conjunction with Comic Art in the Green Mountains, a Brattleboro Museum & Art Center exhibition exploring the recent explosion of comic books and graphic novels through the work of five of Vermont's leading comic artists. Works by Stephen Bissette, James Kochalka, Frank Miller, James Sturm, and Rick Veitch are on view. In addition, some graphic novels by the artists, including Frank Miller's Sin City, will be available for purchase in the Museum Shop. The exhibition runs from August 5, 2005-February 5, 2006, and is sponsored by Chroma Technology Corp.


Times and dates. Participants will sign-in at the Brattleboro Museum beginning at 11:00 AM, Saturday, August 27. At 11:30, comic artist Stephen Bissette will make opening remarks. At noon the 24 hours will begin. At noon on Sunday, August 28 the marathon will be over.

Location. Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, 10 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, Vermont.

Preparation. No sketches, designs, plot summaries or any other kind of direct preparation can precede the 24 hour period. Indirect preparation such as assembling tools, reference materials, food, and music is fine.

Age requirement. No participants under 16 years old are permitted.

Supplies. All artists must bring their own art supplies - the Museum will NOT be providing any drawing material. We suggest that you bring art supplies aplenty. We also suggest bringing more than 24 sheets of paper, because nobody's perfect. You can use: pencils, pens, markers, inks, glue, collage materials, and just about anything else you can think of.

Page size. Your original pages must be 8.5* x 11* so that they can be easily reproduced.

Color. While you may use color in your pages, we don't encourage it. Color pages will not reproduce very well in black and white.

Content. There are no demands on the content of your 24-hour comic. However, for the sake of thematic continuity, and if you're looking for inspiration, we suggest that the stories relate to our current show Comic Art in the Green Mountains, and deal with life in Vermont, or with the relationship between humans and nature.

Taking breaks. The 24 hours are continuous. You can take a nap if you like but the clock will continue to tick!
Tables and Chairs. The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center will supply tables and chairs in the Main Gallery for the duration of the challenge.
Working alone. A 24-hour comic is done by one person in 24 hours. The point of a 24-hour comics event is that each person is trying to complete their own 24-page comic. Working side by side is a matter of mutual support, not mutual effort.

Food. Though we will provide some food, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food as well. A refrigerator and microwave will be available. Coffee, drinks and snacks will be provided. At 7 pm on Saturday, pizza will be provided and at 7 am on Sunday, bagels will be provided. Food is provided for participants only, not for other museum visitors!

Cheating. While the rules state that you cannot prepare material before hand, no one will be checking and no one will be enforcing. Only your honor is at stake.

Winning. There are no winners or losers in the 24-hour Comic Book Challenge. Everyone who participates will have their work featured in a bound collection of the 24-hour comics, which will be displayed at the Museum.

After the Challenge. After the Challenge is over, the Museum will keep all original work for 30 days. We will collate the comics into a single bound book, which will be on display and available to read in the Comic Art in the Green Mountains exhibit space. Bound books will also be available at-cost to participants. You can pick up your originals from the Museum office at the end of September. Your art may be used for publicity purposes.

Decency. You can include any kind content you want in your 24-hour comic, but if you'd like to be included in the display copy that will be shown at the Museum, you'll have to keep it within the bounds of decency. We reserve the right not to display anything we feel is too inappropriate.

Museum space. The entire Museum will be open all night, and you can work wherever you like. However, if you are using ink, pen, paint, or any other indelible medium, you must stay in the designated work area.

Decorum. Quiet, polite behavior is essential. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is not observing these rules.

Sleep. In the evening, the lights in one gallery will be dimmed if you want to take a nap. You may bring sleeping bags, pillows, or blankets if you wish.

Take care of yourself. Creating a 24-hour comic is a feat of endurance. If your health is delicate, don't do it. By the end of the effort, you are apt to be fatigued. Even if you feel fine, don't drive or do anything else where diminished reaction times or judgment can cause you to endanger yourself or others. You should arrange for a ride, because after being awake for 24 straight hours, nobody needs to get behind the wheel.

Check list. Here is a list of useful things you might want to bring. Zephyr Designs in Brattleboro has most of this stuff.

* drawing paper
* scrap paper
* pencils and sharpener
* ink and markers
* brushes and water jars
* compass
* rulers/t-square/triangle
* photo reference material
* literary reference material to inspire story and dialogue
* erasers
* white-out
* templates for geometric shapes
* French curves
* glue stick or rubber cement (good for pasting in word balloons)
* scissors
* tape
* a good clean drawing surface if you want something better than our tables
* your own music with headphones
* Food
* your favorite energy drink

Questions? Email or phone (802) 257-0124 or visit


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