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Dignity of Choice: Sample Plans of Eating
Four years in the making, this pamphlet provides guidance to both new and longtime OA members in devising their own plans of eating. It covers topics such as:

• The difference between a plan of eating and abstinence
• Having a choice of plans
• Reviewing our eating patterns
• "Trigger" or "binge" foods
• Eating behaviors
• Dealing with quantity
• Structure and tolerance

The pamphlet also provides six sample plans of eating (reviewed and approved by a licensed dietitian) with which some OA members have had success.

$0.75 (ea)


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Allow two to three weeks for delivery in the US, and four to five weeks for delivery outside the US. For overnight shipping charges, call the WSO between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. mountain time.



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