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Harmony and Disharmony:
Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities

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The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point is pleased to present this report, “Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting Al-Qa’ida’s Organizational Vulnerabilities.”  Based on a collection of al-Qa’ida documents that have recently been released from the Department of Defense’s Harmony Database, this report provides an analysis of al-Qa’ida’s organizational vulnerabilities. These documents, captured in the course of operations supporting the GWOT, have never before been made available to the academic and policy community.  “Harmony and Disharmony” includes a theoretically informed analysis of potential opportunities to exploit al-Qa’ida’s network vulnerabilities, a case study of jihadi operational failure, and specific recommendations for effectively addressing the evolving al-Qa’ida threat.  We have provided brief summaries of each of the released documents, and the full texts of the released documents can be accessed via hyperlinks within the report, both in their original Arabic and in English. We hope that this report will provide a useful resource in our collective efforts to better understand and combat al-Qa’ida and its affiliated movements. 

The report is available in two formats: for browser viewing or as a .pdf. Above you will see the link to the .pdf report as well as .pdf versions of all the Harmony documents used in the report. The browser-viewable version is below.


Executive Summary


Part I


Theoretical Framework: The Challenges of Organizing Terror

Syria Case Study: Back to the Future

Organizational Vulnerabilities and Recommendations to Exploit Them

Part II


Harmony Document List (with linked summaries)