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BNP leader on radio 4

12th July 2005

News article filed by BNP news team


The BNP Leader, Nick Griffin appeared on this morning’s “Today” radio programme with James Naughtie. The radio 4 presenter asked Mr. Griffin about the BNP’s stance on Islam in Britain and our chairman was able to speak for about 5mins echoing the open questions put to Iqbal Sacranie, head of the Muslim Council of Britain on our website a few days ago.

The invite to appear on radio4 came in the wake of an absurd story in today’s Guardian which accused the BNP of having “poor taste” making reference to the Becontree Patriot, one of our community newsletters distributed in Becontree ward in Barking.

The front cover of the latest issue of the Patriot, published in the run up to a local council election in this east London borough, carries a photograph of the horrific aftermath of last Thursday’s bus bomb.

The image capturing the devastation and the slaughter of innocent commuters on the capital’s streets makes a powerful visual statement about the rotten state of the country. The BNP leaflet points the finger of blame, not at individual Muslims but at Blair and his Labour regime which has committed British troops to a war in the Middle East but at the same time operates an open borders policy allowing into the UK a flood of bitter and resentful Muslims from the very countries, Iraq and Afghanistan in particular, which are being occupied by American and “coalition” troops in a bid to westernise the entire region.

The controversial leaflet can be downloaded here.

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