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Helping Georgia entrepreneurs build great technology companies.


Over 25 Years of Economic Impact

Economic Impact
We measure our economic impact based on the number of employees our companies employ and the amount of revenue that they generate. Since 1987, ATDC companies have created nearly 51,000 man-years of employment and have generated over $12.7B in revenue.

Based on these figures, a recent economic analysis calculated that ATDC has generated over $100M of profit to the state of Georgia.

Company Successes

Since 1999, ATDC Companies have raised over ONE BILLION DOLLARS of Venture Capital. 

The quality of our companies is validated with the amount of financing they attract. Here are some recent figures detailing the amount of capital activity, in the form of investments or acquisitions, that our companies have generated.

  Capital Activity
2005 $211M
2004 $117M
2003 $235M
2002 $83M
2001 $353M
2000 $546M
1999 $146M

ATDC Companies are often attractive acquisition targets for larger technology companies.  Here are some recent Mergers and Acquisitions involving our companies.
  • Radatec by Meggitt (2006)
  • Encounter by MyFamily (2006)
  • SearchIgnite acquired by 360i (2005)
  • DVT acquired by Cognex (2005)
  • Synchrologic acquired by Pumatech (2003)
  • Magnet Banking acquired by Digital Insight (2003)
  • Vascular Genetics merged with GenStar (2003)
  • Arizan acquired by RIM (July 2002)
  • Future Networks acquired by Tellabs (2001)
  • Digital Furnace acquired by by Broadcom (2000)
  • Big Science acquired  by eGain (2000)
  • Media4 acquired by EchoStar (1999)
  • RelevantKnowledge merged with MediaMetrix (1998)
  • AstraCom acquired by Ciena (1997)

Throughout the years, 30 ATDC companies have been represented on the public markets via either acquisitions or IPOs.

Our strong group of companies continue to break the mold of traditional startups.  Most industry statistics show that 4 out of 5 startup businesses fail.  ATDC companies are the opposite.

75% of our companies since 1995 are still in business or were acquired

Awards and Recognition
ATDC is frequently recognized by international organizations for our incubation best practices and continued success.
  • Recognized by BusinessWeek Magazine as one of the top incubators in the country
  • 2004 EDA Excellence in Technology-led Economic Development Award
  • Recognized as the model University Incubator - Southern Growth Policies Board
  • One the Nation's Eight Most Admired Nonprofit Business Incubator - Inc. Magazine 2000
  • 1996 Incubator of the Year Award - National Incubation Association