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Welcome to, the definitive genealogical source for the McCarten family.  Work on the site began in 1998, and has continued steadily since.  Currently, there is no target date for the completion of the web site because of the vast amount of information that needs to be transferred from our records into this online database.  For more detailed information and descriptions of what is and will be available on the site, please refer to the table below.

  • People- The central content area of the site, which includes ancestor tree, a complete database of the people in our family tree, and a surname index. 
  • Places- The Atlas contains information about the places from which the people in the family tree came, including photos and links. 
  • Pictures- Family photos of people included in the database, including photos of gatherings and reunions. 
  • Library- The Library is home to all official records and documents relating to the history of the McCarten family, including census data, Irish folklore, news clippings, and more. 
  • History- The McCarten Family History Page contains information and links concerning historical information about the family. 
  • Links- Provides links to Irish, genealogical, family sites and also a list of books available from that we recommend. 
  • Contribute- Forum in which the viewer can contribute any available genealogical information that could be of use to 
  • Guest Book- Forum in which the viewer can provide feedback and comments about the site. 
  • Other- Includes the awards that has received and provides links to other pages in the domain. 
  • Search- An easy to use keyword-based search of the site.
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